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The View On Overpopulation: Looking Deeper Into The Hardinian Taboo

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"One would have thought that it was even more necessary to limit population than property...The neglect of this subject, which in existing states is so common, is a never-failing cause of poverty among the citizens; and poverty is the parent of both revolution and crime." This quote did not come from any professional doomsayer or modern writer, or even an ecologist or a historian. Aristotle said this, though he lived in a time where the population was four percent of what it is today. People have been worried about overpopulation since the period before Christ. This makes you wonder how something as serious as overpopulation got so far out of hand. So out of control, in fact, that overpopulation could be the biggest threat to life on this planet. The reason is because overpopulation is downplayed, and is buried in the list of all the other environmental issues. Some specialists have researched why population control is still a taboo subject. They look into why still so many argue that overpopulation is not serious, and anyone why believes that there are too many humans, is misanthropic pessimist. I will answer the question: How and why is overpopulation ignored, and what actions should be taken?
I will examine the manner in which publications and politicians avoid placing a proportionally accurate amount of blame on overpopulation for the global crises, as well as create connections that strengthen existing arguments. Then I will move on to the reasons why the media, the government, and environmental NGOs deny addressing the problem of overpopulation. In this paper I will argue that this topic is extremely neglected and has been put off for far too long. Also I will contribute to this topic by making connections that have never been made before that will support authors who advocate publicity of the Earth’s biggest problem, as well as make suggestions for the future.

Hardinian Taboo Defined
The ‘Hardinian Taboo’ is a thought-control process that is self-inflicted. It successfully stops us from discussing, or even considering population control. If we don’t have to think about it or believe it, we cannot recognize the problem or deal with the tricky issue. The taboo was named after the famous demographer Garrett Hardin, best known for The Tragedy of the Commons. He wrote extensively on the topic of overpopulation; he also wrote Stalking the Wild Taboo. Those who can’t look at the world ecology without optimism do not like what Hardin had to say about the world’s problems. That is what the Hardinian taboo is, broken down. Hardin was very curt that animals are not the only ones who suffer from overpopulation. He used a lot of straightforward talking to get his point across as bluntly as possible. “In an uncrowded world there may be no ethical need for the ecological concept of the carrying capacity. But ours is a crowded world.”(315 Hardin) Hardin expresses his own dislike of the situation our world is in right now, but he refuses to...

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