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The View That Schools And What Happens Within Them Are The Main Causes Of Social Class Difference In Educational Achievement

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The View that Schools and What Happens Within Them are the Main Causes of Social Class Difference in Educational Achievement

* The reproduction of Social Class inequalities is the idea that
working-class children don’t succeed as well as middle-class
children in education and do not possess the cultural capital


* Financial Factors – Some parents may earn more money than others
so they can afford to choose which school the child goes to.

* Social Class – If a parent was more Middle-Class, they would have
more involvement in the Childs education and would want them to
succeed better.


* Create a more skilled Workforce – Schooling prepares children for
the top professional work. It provides the work experience needed
and provides work related skills.

* Teaching of Norms and Values - Helps people be part of a wider
community and a wider group. Teaches them to interact
with other people and obedience

* Allocated Roles – If you work harder, you are more likely to
achieve a higher status. You can be allocated a job by exams and
certificates so you get different achievement which increases your


* The 1944 Butler Education Act – This was known as the tripartite
system. This was introduced so that children should be given
equality of opportunity by the education system awarding children
according to effort and ability. There were 3 types of schools.
Grammar, Secondary Modern and Secondary Technical schools. The
children took an 11+ test and the score determined which school
the child would go to.

* 1965 Comprehensive Education – This requested that all local
education authorities in the country run secondary education along
comprehensive lines. These were set up to provide one type of
school for all students. There were no entry requirements however
people were placed in sets based on ability.

(f) Assess the view that schools and what takes place within them are
the main causes of social class difference in educational achievement.

The above question is telling us that school and the education system
are what cause social class. Social class is where people have similar
positions usually measures by education, occupation and income. In my
essay will include sociological evidence and theories exploring if
social class is due to schools and what goes on in them.

The first piece of evidence we can use to support the above statement
is a Marxist point of view about education. Bowles and Gintis (71)
argue that meritocracy (your social position is based on your effort
and ability) is a myth. He believes that the educational system works
against the interests of the working class. Their correspondence

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