The Views On Todays Job Market

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The View on Todays Job Market
Many factors, such as population, the industry, and the economy today affect the job market, but education is the key to success. Robert B. Reich in “U.S. Income Keeps on Rising” shares his viewpoint and categorizes jobs related to diplomas and degrees. The Bureau of Labor Statistics in “Tomorrows Jobs” provides statistical information of which jobs will increase through the year 2002 to 2014; also lists subcategories, such as government and healthcare jobs, providing information regarding how much they add to the national product. The Bureau of Labor Statistics provides information on nursing a major competitive job in today's market.
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When the economy becomes unstable, such as a recession, generally the lower class is the first to experience its effects. Those in the lower class may experience being laid off or a dip in salary. Reich's U.S. Income Keeps on Rising gives key points of how the jobs today play a part in the economy.
"Tomorrow's Jobs" by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, U.S. of Labor gives us a complete view point on how the job market is effected by the population, the industry, and education and training. As stated in the article "Continued growth will mean more consumers of goods and services, spurring demand for workers in a wide range of occupations and industries" (page 109). The jobs that are advancing in their fields of study include: healthcare and social assistance, professional and business serves, and financial activities. The employment for health care is expected to grow due to an aging population and longer life expectancies, adding 4 million new jobs to the economy. The professional and business fields add 28% contributing about 4 million jobs as well and are expected to raise because of the growing industries in the U.S. Financial activities. How does education play an important part? "Among the twenty fasted growing occupations, a bachelor's or associate degree is the most significant source of postsecondary education and training for 12 of them…"(page 117). According to the chart in "Tomorrow’s Jobs" people who don't have a high school diploma only make eighteen thousand a year. Those who have a graduate or professional degree earn around fifty seven thousand dollars a year. Education does play a big role, however it is also the growing population and what...

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