The Vile Aspect Of Society In Cyrano De Bergerac By Edmond Rostand

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Society tends to misjudge people base on their appearances instead of their personality. This can be seen in the play Cyrano De Bergerac by Edmond Rostand. In which Roxane represents that vile aspect of society. Roxane is attracted to Christian based on his looks, and under minds Cyrano because of his appearance. Society misjudgment of people cause oppression on an individual and it is from oppression and misjudgment f character that causes self consciousness to be born. Cyrano exhibits this self consciousness by helping Christian. Such oppression or self conscious aids to form magnificent characteristics attributes such as the ones portrayed by Cyrano throughout the novel. After all of its societies misjudgment that causes Cyrano to be the character that he is.
In the beginning of the play all aspects of society come together to the theater which involves the poor and the richest people. There’s were Roxane first saw Christian and she was immediately attracted to his looks, she’s just like society is quick to judge looks over personality, completely under minding Cyrano. Roxane tells Cyrano about Christian beauty in Act two Scene five Roxane said “His face shines with wit n intelligence, He’s proud, noble, young, fearless, and handsome.” This shows that she’s completely blinded by his looks! Society will describe Christian just like Roxane but will have different aspects of him. She’s saying that Christian is a bright person judging him by the way he looks. Roxane starts to look for Christian by letting Cyrano know that he is part of his regiment. In Act two Scene five Roxane said “ And it s happens, cousin, that he’s a member of your regiment.” Roxane had just seen Christian once and she already knew who he was and what he did. This shows how society gets involve by telling people what’s happening and information on an individual. Roxane simply falls in love with Christian on his beauty not even if he has a good personality or a bad one. Cyrano was indeed Roxane cousin but he saw her differently. Cyrano liked Roxane but he was ashmed of his less appealing looks.
Only the brave people in the society stand up to Cyrano and talk about his nose. In Act two scene eight Christian stands up to him an interrupts him when his telling his story by saying something about his nose. Christian said “Beyond the end of your nose.” It only reminded Cyrano about his nose making him look hideous. Cyrano could not take it when they made fun of his nose and he gets angry. This shows how Christian knew that Cyrano was easily bothered by his appearances. Society just like Christian misjudges people by their looks and it made Cyrano to have a low self esteem. Only the s called brave talk about Cyrano knowing that they could die if Cyrano choose to battle them. In society it made Christian be part of the so called the brave. One who stood up or made fun of Cyrano’s physical appearance were called brave.
Cyrano became self conscious when he started to talk about his...

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