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The Village Of Perdonia Essay

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The village of Perdonia was being overrun by goblins. Women and children were screaming as goblins foraged the city stealing anything of value. The air was thick with smoke, and buildings were ablaze. Ash, and soot were floating down to the earth as peasants ran past screaming wildly. I stood in the center of town, holding my staff and keeping the goblins at bay. I stood blocking the entrance to the treasury, thousands of gold pieces within the treasury, were only one hundred feet from the goblins. It was as if they could smell it, their eyes reflecting gold and their faces snarling hungrily. They were creeping forward slowly, devilish grins on their wart ...view middle of the document...

The goblins were stumbling over each other, Shoving and growling angrily. I slammed my staff down, sparking on the hard stone. Light erupted from my staff, and expanded like a bubble, growing larger and larger. Goblins hated light. It could destroy them. The light expanded, until it reached the borders of the village. Every goblin still in the village was vaporized immediately, and the rest were scrambling back towards the holes they came from. Coins dropped to the ground, clattering and rolling across the cold, dark stone. There were piles of ashes wherever a goblin was vaporized. I sighed with relief, and walked out towards the castle set upon a high shelf of rock, high above the village. The path was long, and it winds around the cliff before coming to the castle gates. The path was littered with loose stones. Faint tracks of merchant wagons were visible on the worn out road. The guards stationed outside the main gate did not move as I walked past, and into the castle courtyard. Unfortunately, the castle did not escape the attack of the goblins, as there were piles of ashes scattered in the courtyard. Fruit and vegetables lay scattered near merchants’ flipped vendors, and booths. The doors to the castle were open, and hanging from their hinges. Servants were everywhere, fixing everything touched by the devious goblins. I stepped quickly through the castle doors, and headed toward the throne room, which lay to the left of the main doors. A red velvet carpet spanned the length of the room, leading to the throne. Weapons of every kind were being displayed on the cold stone walls, lit only by dim torches. Tapestries showing the past kings before Bradley, adorned most the wall.
Bradley, my dear friend, and king sat upon the throne, looking exhausted. “That was your magic, was it not?” Bradley asked me tiredly.
“Yes, though I wish it were not necessary. The goblins are getting bolder every day.”
The king nodded in agreement, before standing from his throne to embrace in me in a hug. “Thank you my friend. This kingdom is indebted to you once again.”
“There is no need to thank me sire. I have made a promise to protect you and this kingdom, and that is exactly what I plan to do.” I replied before walking with the king to a door behind his throne. This particular door led to the kings’ dining room. A large table sat in the middle of the room, covered with food of every kind. Because the goblins had not been able to penetrate the throne room, and the dining room, they were still in perfect order. King Bradley sat in the high backed chair padded with feathers and lined with silk. I sat in a similar chair next to the king. “Come, eat. You need your strength.” Bradley said to me before helping himself to potatoes, and chicken breast, with a side of green beans and corn. I however, ate nothing, as wizards do not require food. “We need to do something about the goblins.” King Bradley said to me, with a mouthful of potatoes.
“But what can we do. The goblins...

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