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The Violence And Vindictiveness Between Hindley And Heathcliff

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In the book Wuthering Heights by Emily Brontë, Hindley and Heathcliff share resentment for one another. Since Heatmhcliff became a part of his family at a young age, Hindley has been strongly jealous of him. With Heathcliff gaining Mr. Earnshaw’s (Hindley’s father) appreciation over Hindley, this caused tension to be built up by the bitterness and hatred. Heathcliff, having his adopted father’s appreciation, had power over Hindley and would constantly extort him or even threaten him. But, the strained relations between Heathcliff and Hindley causes them to be very violent natured in the future, being physically and verbally abusive. As they grow older and their resentment for one other starts to increase, Heathcliff and Hindley come to be violent and abusive not just in regards to each other but to the other main characters in addition.
As they got older, Hindley and Heathcliff alter their actions and expressions, becoming exceedingly fearsome, terrorizing men. After his father’s passing and new ascendancy over Wuthering Heights, Hindley starts to treat Heathcliff with a belligerent hand. Hindley starts to become very controlling over him, even making him part of his staff at the Heights. As the story goes on, Heathcliff’s actions soon cause Hindley to lash out often. “Mr. Earnshaw [Hindley] snatched up the culprit [Heathcliff] directly and conveyed him to his chamber; where, doubtless, he administered a rough remedy to cool the fit of passion, for he appeared red and breathless.” (59) The “rough remedy” that Hindley used to subside “the fit of passion” that Heathcliff has built up inside is the physical abuse towards Heathcliff for his actions and outbursts. This shows how Hindley, after many years of constant demand and being unacknowledged, has become highly vicious and vituperative. On the same note, Heathcliff shows the same violent and evil characteristics of Hindley. Being constantly abused as a child by Hindley and having many harsh encounters...

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