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The Violence Of Love Essay

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The Violence of Love Paper
The reason for this essay is not to persuade the minds of its readers. However, what I do intend to do is introduce to the readers the philosophical words and powerful confidence of Archbishop Romero. First I will give a brief but detailed introduction of Archbishop Oscar before explaining why I feel Oscar Romero in regards to previous course lectures, group discussions and the book “The Violence of Love” by James Brockman; is an ethical prophet in the tradition of Hebrew prophecy in the eighth century B.C.E. I will also discuss and summarize three elements of prophecy that I feel applied to Romero’s courageous role in life during his time. Lastly I will include a subjective response around a select few of quotations by Archbishop Romero and discuss how his challenging and demanding words altered the way I see ministry today.
Oscar Romero was born August 15, 1917 in Ciudad Barrios, El Salvador. Romero became a carpenter when he was 13, but Romero’s apprenticeship in carpentry didn’t last long because Romero had a strong calling to serve as a Catholic priest. At the age of 14, Romero left home and entered seminary school where he studied in El Salvador and Rome and became ordained in 1942. Romero spent the first two decades of his ministerial career in San Miguel as a parish priest and diocesan secretary. In 1970 he served four years as the auxiliary bishop of San Salvador until the Vatican appointed him the diocese in Santiago de Maria, a poor region that included his childhood hometown. In 1977 Romero returned to San Salvador to succeed the aging metropolitan archbishop (2014).
In 1977 he returned to the capital to succeed San Salvador's aged metropolitan archbishop. Romero’s prominence in the Catholic hierarchy occurred during a period of dramatic change in the Latin America Church. We would soon see what I believe to be Romero’s first test. Romero attended the regions bishop meeting held at Medellin, Colombia in 1967 to discuss and make recommendations about the Second Vatican Council. It was decided to abandon the traditional hierarchy and side with the poor and their struggles for social justice. This change in status quo divided the faithful and the clergy. Romero was seen as a conservative during this period, while at the same time letting his skepticism of the Vatican II reforms and the Medellin authoritative opinions be known. When Romero was appointed the Archbishop in 1977, many were unhappy especially the socially committed clergy. It became very evident to many that Romero was no protester for injustice, but a defender of the poor. After Romero continuously witnessed the rights of humans being violated, he immediately felt the need to speak out on behalf of the poor and those who were victims of repression. Romero’s actions led to many conflicts with the government in El Salvador and many in the Catholic Church. Romero continued to voice his non-support for the ideology that was...

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