The Violence Of Youth In American Society

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The Violence of Youth in American Society

Times are changing. In a world where there really is no safe haven from the violence of the cold and harsh world. As an American citizen one might believe that they could send their children to an institute of learning and their children would be safe from harm and far from losing their lives. But now that idea is not reverently supported. The American children have been attacked. This should not be tolerated by America and America should do whatever they can to stop these needless acts of violence on the adolescents. So whom should we target? Well that is the shocking part of the argument. The children are conducting this onslaught on the children. So as a people, we ask ourselves why is this happening? Where did we go wrong? Why are these children rebelling in such an outrageous way? And what can we do to stop the violence? These are all questions that have been troubling the American public since the school shootings started.

Some people feel that this is a new phenomenon indicative to public schools; but in actuality those are both fallacies. Studies done by the Department of Justice suggest to the contrary. In nonsectarian, public, and private schools studies show that the level of violent acts has increased. As far as this being a new outburst by children; it can be tracked back to the 1950s. Of course then the fights were fought with punches and kicks not rifles and machine guns.

Again we ask ourselves why these things occur? As with our diverse population so are our opinions on the subject. 71% of teachers in America believe that these acts of violence are caused because of the lack of parental supervision in the child’s home. As we all know many adolescents do not have a typical dinner every night and constant showering of love by their parents. And even the ones that do some times are the culprits to these crimes. That is where the supervision aspect of the matter arises children should not have access to such materials that could endanger their life and the lives of the other kids they interact with each day. The one consistent idea we are working is that all the shooters are boys. Is this a problem that is overshadowing the American male? Researchers also show that killers do not do this killing spontaneously. It is meditated and thought out. Even to the degree of...

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