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The Violent Impact Of Mixed Martial Arts On Society

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UFC, Pride, Strike Force, and all other Mixed Martial Arts programs should be banned from the Media. These programs feature men and women exchanging harsh words followed by, violent, 15 minute fights. The vigorous fighting displayed can cause severe injuries, and or death. Contenders of UFC and Strike Force are not the only ones participating in fight clubs; children and teens are starting their own fight clubs in their local schools. As a result to these programs, a rise in the assault rate has surfaced. These programs are causing severe issues in our society that are in need of our attention.
Mixed Martial Arts is the most violent sport in today’s society. According to a study done by Dr. George J. Buse of the Cannon Air Force Base in Clovis, at least 28 percent of the fights are stopped due to head injuries or concussions.( This percent is much higher than other combat sports such as boxing or karate. Head blows are the number one cause for stopping the fight. Many times when a fighter is struck in the head it results in altered consciousness and unsteady legs, or balance.
UFC is said to have a better plan for handling head traumas than the NFL. Many times players in the NFL are asked to go back on the field minutes after the head injury has occurred; fighters in MMA are required to wait at least 45 days before returning to fight. Chuck Liddell was knocked out at UFC 71 and was suspended for the next 45 days. In result, he had the following statement: “I like to fight. My suspension is up in 45 days. I’ll be ready then.” (
What people don’t realize is, head injuries come with long term effects. It is great that MMA is developing methods to keep their athletes safer but, they don’t realize 45 day suspensions are not going to prevent their contenders from developing brain problems later on, in life. Reports show, three or more head injuries make a person six times more likely to acquire Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s.( There is a ridiculous amount of head injuries in result to programs such as UFC or PRIDE. The whole point of MMA is to knock your opponent unconscious in the quickest amount of time. George St. Pierre rendered his opponent Matt Serra unconscious in their last match. ( contributor, David A. Avila). Reports say Matt Serra lay crumpled in the fetal position as a barrage of knees struck him. These fighters have the speed, accuracy, and force in their punches equivalent to an average person hitting another with a brick; so, when a fighter is hit in the head, by his opponent, you can only imagine the amount of impact his brain is encountering.
Cauliflower ear is another injury caused by MMA. This is a mutation of the ear caused by severe trauma to the outer ear. Often times the ear shrivels up and folds over itself. It sometimes will turn a pale color giving it the cauliflower appearance. A blood clot causes the cartilage to be separated from the skin cutting off the blood...

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