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The Violet Car. Variations Of The Story: Change The Resolution Of The Story And Imagine That, Thanks To The Nurse, Mr.Eldrigde Gets Over His Fears And Is Cured. Choose One Scene And Rewrite It.

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I walked up the lane -- I had promised him to stand near that corner for five minutes, and I stood there in the deepening dusk, looking up towards the downs and the sea. There were pale stars. Everything was very still. Five minutes is a long time. I held my watch in my hand. Four -- four and a quarter --four and a half. Five. I turned instantly. And then I saw that he had followed me -- he was standing a dozen yards away -- and his face was turned from me. His eyes were fixed upon something, but I could not see what he was looking at."No, no, no, no, no... the car, the violet car..." He shouted. He looked anxious and desolate and his voice was trembling.I run to Mr. Eldridge and call his name but he did not hear me. He did not even seem to notice my presence. He walked towards the corner of the lane, his eyes fixed upon his vision. Mr. Eldridge was so confused and his fear so overwhelming, that he seemed to have lost his mind. He walked backwards, dazed and confused and I feared he was going to stumble and fell.'Don't make a move!' I shout.I grab his hand just when he was he was about to fall down the cliff.I lay him down in the grass. He had lost his senses but he did not looked hurt or anything so I sat down by his side, waiting for him to recover. It took him only a few seconds to get better. Suddenly, as if he had woken up from a terrible nightmare, he opened his eyes and looked around...'Are you alright, Mr. Eldridge?' I asked.'I am alright, my dear. I am fine.' He looked embarrassed. 'And it's all thanks to you. This has been a nightmare, a horrible one.' He woke up and examined the mud carefully. 'No, there are no tyre marks. Not a single one. It's all been my imagination. It didn't really exist, did it?''It's all past now.' I said while I stretch his hand firmly. 'Let's go back home, Mr. Eldridge''Yes. Let's go. Nobody will ever know. There is nothing I should worry about now'His last words made me feel uncomfortable. Suddenly I realized that, like it or not, I was actually Mr. Eldridge's accomplice. Truth be told, I was covering up for Mr. Eldridge. I couldn't figure what was going on. My thoughts were so messy. No, I could not think of that old polite man as a murderer... Still, it did not feel quite right to say nothing about it to anyone... "But what would we get out of it," I said to myself "Besides, when he pointed the wrong way to the driver, he was under a state of madness and desperation. Now it's all done. There is not much I can do." As I said, I was very young and inexpert. Back then illness was way too appealing to me. I felt pity for Mr. and Mrs. Eldridge, and in some way, I still do. But I don't think I would have behaved the way I did nowadays.Late that night I realized that I had lost my hatpin. I thougt that maybe it came off while I was in the lane, so I decided to go there the following day and try to find it. Hopefully, the wind would be mild that night, and once the sun had come out there would be nothing to worry...

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