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The Vision Of The Software Development

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"Technology makes it possible for people to gain control over almost everything, except technology." - John Tudor
Our mission as Software Developers is to develop technology-based solutions-products that provide both the means and the methods for faster working, better performance and to achieve more. The technologies we develop provide users the control and functionality needed to be more efficient.
The Software development field has grown with exponential rate. New products are coming to market daily. New innovations are flooding. Today the world of Software development is very large and much more complex than at any time. New software in large amount is hitting the market from beta version to fully functional products. This near-exponential growth in Software development market isn’t limited to any one segment of market. Rather it’s to Software Development as a whole – and it represents a huge challenge that must be addressed.
The Question is that how the developers can keep apace of relevant new innovations without being buried beneath this overwhelming size of information about the technologies that are marginally connected to their own projects? Those days are gone when developers waited for a new innovation to come. In early days, new tools or technologies were released at reasonable intervals. Developers could afford to wait for the release of the new software or in other words, the waiting game was one that paid off in the long run.
But in present world, the waiting game is losing game. New technologies, innovations are running at a much faster pace than it was a decade ago. The Software field is now touching a broader spectrum of technologies, for example, Web, Cloud, Mobile, Enterprise thereby resulting in a much wider cross-platform, cross-technology footprint.
Last couple of years has seen a rapid increase in the introduction of new software and updates that now it seems that a new technology is introduced every single month. For the software developers, the luxury time is over. Now they are sitting and waiting for new updates and new technologies to come.
Software developers must become more proactive. They have to get break-free from this conventional “wait-and-see” mentality and instead lookout for the coming change which means they have to identify which technology is best for the future project needs. Those who are willing to become more proactive will become more equipped to survive in the rapidly shifting technology ecosystem.
In the present-day world of Software development, being proactive is much more important than being reactive but it is also a very huge challenge as from so many new technologies that are flooding the market,...

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