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It was a black convertable Mercedez 600sel with licence plates 'PW2020'. Robert Dupond parked the car in the road outside the American Club. He was still in his car feeling nervous and restless, with a little hesitation. He took a deep breathand got off his car. He could see himself leading a new life with all the money and the power he would inherit from his 'Big uncle'. Only the daughter of his 'Big Uncle', Venesa Rosaldi stood in his way. He sensed his heart poundering in his chest, at thesame time he became a little excited about the new life he would have at the end of it all. He dreamed of getting everyhing he wanted; a red Ferrari, a brand new mansion in Beverly Hills, and all the beautiful chics.Venesa was sitting on the terrace in her tennis whites, her blonde hair pulled back from her forehead with a broad white NIKE sweat-band. She was having her usual lime juice with soda water. She always surprised him. Unless you got close enough, she would be mistaken for a woman ten years younger than her real age.Robert was wearing a maroon double-breasted velvet Gucci suit, a black silk shirt and a pair of wool trousers with slim leather belt. Heads turned as he walked through the lounge with an expressionless face. He put his brief case by the Frenchdoors to the terrace and walked outside up to her. She looked up.'Did you have a good day?', she said, as if she was expecting him. He was taken aback, but he tried to stay calm.'Just a little sight-seeing, you know how it is.' He always tried to avoid telling Venesa about the business matters.'what are you doing here?', she asked. 'I was test driving my car and I just decided to stop by and say hi to you!' he replied.'How's father?', she asked, looking away onto the green tennis courts. For a moment, he considered telling a lie, but he knew that she had already been...

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The Genius of Edgar Allan Poe

3655 words - 15 pages Saturday Visiter. "Ms. Found in a Bottle" won the first prize of $50. Unfortunately, Edgar's adopted father would not see Edgar's later success as he died in 1834. Due to Poe's initial success as a short story writer and a new friend John P. Kennedy, Poe assumed the position of assistant editor of The Southern Literary Messenger in Richmond, Virginia. It was hear that he married his cousin, 14 year old Virginia Clemm. Friend and fellow poet Dr

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4809 words - 19 pages ;ais ont maintenant plus de temps pour leurs activités de loisirs parce que les heures pour le travail changent. Depuis février 2000, les heures pour la semaine de travail ont été réduites de 39 heures par semaine à trente cinq heures une semaine, sans perdre l'argent. Adam Sage, l'auteur de l'article Le weekend gets longer and longer, dit que "Never before have the French had so much time for leisure." Le

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896 words - 4 pages Reality and Illusion in Hamlet   Shakespeare’s play, Hamlet, begins with the appearance of a ghost, an apparition, possibly a hallucination. Thus, from the beginning, Shakespeare presents the air of uncertainty, of the unnatural, which drives the action of the play and develops in the protagonist as a struggle to clarify what only seems to be absolute and what is actually reality. Hamlet's mind, therefore, becomes the central force of the

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1118 words - 4 pages Sub-plots in Hamlet   There are many things that critics say make Hamlet a "Great Work," one of which is the way that Shakespeare masterfully incorporates so many sub-plots into the story, and ties them all into the main plot of Hamlet’s revenge of his father’s murder. By the end of Act I, not only is the main plot identified, but many other sub-plots are introduced. Among the sub-plots are trust in the Ghost of King Hamlet, Fortinbras

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1301 words - 5 pages Hamlet as Victim and Hero      Hamlet, Prince of Denmark, a Shakespearean tragedy, tells the story of Prince Hamlet, who gained the knowledge of a terrible incident that his kingdom had suffered. Claudius, the king of Denmark and Hamlet's uncle, had killed his own brother, the king, who was also the father of Hamlet, and married his brother's widow. Hamlet suffered these traumas to a severe degree, and his only relief was to defeat his

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1188 words - 5 pages Use of Light and Dark in Antigone   The "Golden Age" of Greece is noted for its many contributions to the creative world, especially in its development of the play. These performances strived to emphasize Greek morals, and were produced principally for this purpose. Antigone, by Sophocles, is typical. The moral focused on in Antigone is the conflict between physis (nature) and nomos (law), with physis ultimately presiding over nomos

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1231 words - 5 pages Creon as the Main Character of Antigone   Throughout the Greek play Antigone by Sophocles, there exists a dispute as to who should receive the designation of main character. Antigone, the daughter of the cursed King Oedipus, as well as Creon, stately king of Thebes, both appear as the key figures in this historic play. I believe that Creon, king of Thebes, should be considered the main character in this work of Greek theater. Three

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525 words - 2 pages The Sleep and Sleeplessness Motif in Macbeth We have consciences that function to tell us the difference between right and wrong. If we have clear consciences, we usually possess the ability to sleep. But when our consciences are full of guilt, we experience a state of sleeplessness. In Macbeth, Shakespeare uses the sleep and sleeplessness motif to represent Macbeth's and Lady Macbeth's consciences and the effect Macbeth's conscience has

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898 words - 4 pages Life Outside of Life in Hawthorne’s Wakefield   Efficacy lies at the heart of human desires for immortality. Characters throughout literature and art are depicted as wanting to step aside and see what their world would be like without their individual contributions. The literary classic A Christmas Carol and the more recent, but ageless, film It’s Wonderful Life both use outside influences (three ghosts and Clarence the Angel

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2172 words - 9 pages Searching for Identity in Song of Solomon         Abstract: Whether Africans really fly or just escape a monumental burden, perhaps only through death, is a decision Toni Morrison has apparently left to her readers. Never the less, no matter what you believe, within Song of Solomon, the suggestion is, that in order to "fly" you must go back to the beginning, back to your roots. You must learn the "art" from the old messages.   O

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904 words - 4 pages The Character of Oedipus in Oedipus and The Infernal Machine    The stories of Oedipus, as told through Seneca's Oedipus and Cocteau's The Infernal Machine, contain both similarites and differences. Both authors portray the character of Oedipus as being obstinate, ignorant, and inquisitive. Yet Seneca and Cocteau differ on their interpretation of the motives that propelled these characteristics of Oedipus. Seneca portrays Oedipus as a

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1355 words - 5 pages the beating of my heart, I stood repeating " 'T is some visiter entreating entrance at my chamber door--- Some late visiter entreating entrance at my chamber door;---      This it is and nothing more." Presently my soul grew stronger; hesitating then no longer, "Sir," said I, "or Madam, truly your forgiveness I implore; But the fact is I was napping, and so gently you came rapping, And so faintly

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2378 words - 10 pages -figures, and her eight-year-old daughter Virginia. It was in this period that he began to achieve wider recognition as a writer. In 1832, he published five tales in the Philadelphia Saturday Courier. In 1833, he entered a competition sponsored by the Baltimore Saturday Visiter (sic), winning the second prize in poetry for "The Coliseum" and the first prize in fiction for "MS. Found in a Bottle." In 1834, the publication of

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1859 words - 7 pages competition sponsored by the Baltimore Saturday Visiter (sic), winning the second prize in poetry for "The Coliseum" and the first prize in fiction for "MS.      Found in a Bottle." In 1834, the publication of "The Visionary" in Godey's Lady's Book marked the first time that his fiction appeared in a magazine of more than local circulation.      Frances Allan had died in

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3222 words - 13 pages , setup, and directory are all user-friendly. The site allows readers to ask questions, provide testimonies, and critique weight loss programs. It seems to be highly interactive among users. There are meal plans, cooking tips, and fast food statistics all designed to aid the visiter in choosing a diet most suitable for them. Not all the information appears to be entirely beneficial, however. A seven-day diet is also offered which may mislead