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The night sky of Neton was a clear one. The deep blue,almost a black but well illuminated by the bright fullmoon, glistened with a pattern of twinkling stars. Thebackground light from Brisbane was almost nonexistent,a pleasant change of atmosphere that was rarely appreciatedby most.Except Jane. She loved the clear sky, the faint presence ofthe Milky Way as it wrapped itself across the near-endlessplane that was the sky She stood out on the balcony, staringinto the azure. Was there life out there? she wondered. Theuniverse is so huge, why not? Besides, with all the strangethings that happen in the world you'd think that there mightas well be aliens to make the group whole.A streak of light suddenly pierced the night's sky and left adazzling trail of cosmic dust behind it. Jane gasped in awe.A falling star. The brightest she had seen! She quickly closedher eyes and made a wish, knowing that a wish from a falling starhad excellent chances of coming to pass. But the wish had to bestrongly formed in one's mind, or else it would dissipate with allthe other bits of wishful thinking that took place in the night.She tried to form an image, . She almost had it. She slowlyopened her eyes and visualized... Max. Standing at thedoor and was looking at her with an air of mild curiosity.'HEY Jane' he yelled! ' What the hell are you doing ?'Jane nearly fell backwards. He was no vision!That idiot was once again eavesdropping on her!'I WAS making a wish, you jerk!' she blurted out, 'You'vejust ruined it, though!''Making wishes ? Don't bother. No amount of wishingwill make you a better cook. I think that's more of amiracle-type-thing... What's the Wish Anyway ?'''I Wouldn't Tell You, If i did it wouldn't Come true.''Yeah Sure' yelled Max as he exited out of Jane's room.Upon the windy steeples of the tall buildings of Neton loomed anew presence, one whose kind hadnt visited the Earth for manyyears. it was a change of pace for the being. The lonely confiesof a spaceship and now the enormous, busy main street of Neton wasa major shock for the creature who was sent here by his rulingbody for one purpose. His mission was to find an inhabitant ofthis world who is worthy and give him/her a piece of technologythat will give their Kind the means to break the confines oftheir Solar System and go to the stars. He has been watchingthe people of this planet for a long time so that he may choosea person to receive such a great gift.As he bounded off to the residence of the Inhabitant he though ofas worthy he activated his invisibility field. He could travelunseen amongst the crowd. The field Crackled as the being disappeardinto the night skyThe cool breeze brushed on Jane as she walked. The sun danced on herhead while the wind blew her shoulder length hair back and forth overher lightly tanned face. She suddenly stopped in her tracks by a fainttingling of danger which hung on the breeze forced her to turn around.What she saw made her gasp...

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