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The Visual Appeal Of Food Essay

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Food is a huge part of life. In fact, without it, we wouldn’t even have the opportunity to live, at least for a very long time. Because food is such a huge part of life, there is quite a bit of competition for food marketing. When it comes to the restaurant business, the better the food’s taste, the more likely a restaurant will succeed. But the taste isn’t the only factor that contributes to a restaurant’s success. The look of food is more important than most people realize. It’s completely worth all the time and effort it takes to present food beautifully.
Chefs from everywhere recognize the importance of good food presentation. In fact, they are trained to make food look beautiful. Making food look beautiful isn’t an easy, quick thing. Basically, the better the food looks to a potential customer, the more likely they are to actually want to eat the food.
In order for a plate of food to be truly appealing, it needs to please more than just the sense of taste. There’s an old proverb which says that you eat with your eyes first. When a server takes food out to a customer, the customer sees the food before actually eating the food. A customer’s first judgment of food is the way that the food looks. “The way the food looks on the plate is what tempts our eyes and makes you want to taste it” (Bone). Beautiful food is appealing to the eye, and therefore, a customer is willing to try it. Sloppy or ugly food does not tempt the eye, and causes the customer to not want to eat the food. The “chef's task is to exploit the full sensory potential of every dish to create a presentation that is practical, functional and appealing to all the senses” (Culinary Institute of America). It’s part of a chef’s job to present food professionally, not only create delicious food.
“The way food is presented affects a person’s perception of how it will taste. People instinctively reject bruised apples and browned bananas, and recognize well-marbled beef and perfectly ripe produce. Prepared dishes work in the same manner. The perfect dish includes food that tastes as good as it looks” (Brassfield 1).
Plus, the chef is much more pleased with his/her work when it actually looks decent. It’s part of where the chef’s personal pride comes from. A chef gets his/her passion from the times when customers are pleased with not just the taste, but the look of the food.
Take, for example, fast food restaurants. They put up big signs of the perfect-looking hamburger. As people walk in, much of what helps them decide what they are going to order is what the meal looks like on the menu. Once they get the food, however, it looks almost nothing like what they thought they ordered. If the workers at the restaurant had put up posters of how the food really looks, they’d not sell as much.
The design of the food on the plate is crucial to pleasing the eye. “Catering companies work hard to make sure that the color, arrangement and portion of foods are all in harmony when preparing for...

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