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The Visual Learner In Me: Analyzing Different Learning Styles

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Have you ever thought about what your learning preference may be? Did you know everyone may have a style of learning? By taking a self assessment, you can identify your own learning style. Implementing this understanding into your daily life, may help ensure a better comprehension of material.

In this essay, I will gather information about two self assessments I have taken.
These self assessments describe my individual learning style. I will determine if I agree or disagree with the assessment findings. I will address my personal reasons for entering college. I hope to develop a better understanding of myself and my assessment results.

The first quiz I have taken is called “Index of Learning Styles Questionnaire”, this quiz determined I am a visual learner. A description of my personal assessment states; I have a mild preference of this scale. This means I may thrive more easily in a teaching environment that graces that element (Felder & Soloman, n.d.) . Visual learners remember best what they can see. Such as images, sketches, graphs, outlines, tables, and illustrations (Felder & Soloman, n.d.). I agree with this determination.

The second quiz I have taken is called “Learning Style Inventory”, this quiz determined I am a visual learner. A description of my personal assessment states; I would benefit by examining all study materials. Using graphic representation, drawings, photographs, and writing notes on index cards for easy memorization. I should practice visualizing terms/topics in my head. Writing down everything for a recurrent and punctual observational review (Bixler, 2010) . I agree with this determination.

I agree with both quiz determinations, I have always benefited from charts and reading materials based together. I believe this offers a well-rounded learning environment for me personally. I understand visual-learning may not be suitable for everyone, but for me it works ...

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