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The Vital Signs Of Subject "X"

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A Vital Sign Reading of X
The following paper will discuss about X’s complete five day vital signs measurement, documentation, and analysis. X’s vital signs include lying, sitting and standing blood pressure readings and also a pulse with each blood pressure readings, as well as a respiratory rate take with lying position. The purpose of this assignment is to address abnormal readings and explain why these trends occur and also to addressing two logical and in-depth analyses for each vital sign. The individual’s name being interviewed for this assignment will remain confidential and anonymous. The individual will be documented as X. The individual was informed that my teacher and myself will read the data provided and consent.
Blood pressure (BP) is the force of the blood pushing against the side of its container, the vessel wall (Jarvis, 2009). The systolic pressure (SBP) is the maximum pressure felt on the artery during left ventricular contraction. The diastolic pressure (DBP) is the elastic recoil, or resting, pressure that the blood exerts constantly between each contraction (Jarvis, 2009). The average BP for the young adult is 120/80 mm Hg. X’s vital sign record show up two abnormal readings one is on November 23rd and seconds on December 4th. Normally X’s baseline BP readings around 100/85mm Hg but on November 23rd BP recorded 114/92 mm Hg. By looking through X’s integrated patient record it states that on November 23rd she had two medium coffees only, no breakfast and she feels very tired. According to this data X had significant elevation in response to caffeine, compared to her baseline SBP and DBP. There is acute effect of caffeine on BP, with increases in the range of 5 to 10 mm Hg (Farag et al., 2010). This reference is support that caffeine had a significant effect on BP.
A dramatic increase in systolic blood pressure recorded on December 4th. 121/80 mm Hg when X was in a lying position, 118/70 mm Hg in sitting position, and 98/75 mm Hg in standing position. X’s BP readings were recorded after 20 minutes moderate running exercise. By the integrated person record and vital sign records we can see increasing physical activity yields proportionate increases in BP. Within 5 minutes of terminating the exercise, the BP normally returns to baseline. “Aerobic exercise results in an acute increase in cardiac output. As a result systolic BP rises with no change or slightly reduction in diastolic BP (Cohen et al., 2007). This reference has illustrated BP is increased by exercise. As we exercise and stress our muscles, there is an increased demand for oxygen. We breathe harder to bring in oxygen; our heart beats faster to increase the systolic blood pressure.
The force flares the arterial walls and generates a pressure wave, which is felt in the periphery as the pulse. In the resting adult, the normal heart rate range is 60 to 100 beats per minute (bpm) (Jarvis, 2009). X’s...

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