The Vitality To Discourage Gender Quotas

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The white-collar workforces used to be dominated by males since the dawn of the working era. However, as time progresses, women are flocking to join these workforces everywhere around the globe. The days when majority of the women, who were to be found in the kitchen cooking for their cantankerous husbands whilst waiting for their husbands’ return from work, were long gone. Soon enough, equality of genders became a fundamental human right. In addition to that, some government especially the government of Europe went overboard by mandating unnecessary high level jobs quota system reserved exclusively for women disregard of their qualifications; thereby claiming it is able to create a level of equality for both men and women. However, this has imposed a new challenge for the working young men as their chances of a promotion would be given to a woman. Therefore, it is of utmost importance that the government should not unnecessarily reserve any percentage of high level jobs for women. Although it is believed that these quotas acts as a recovery to the lack of women, the number of its cons clearly outnumbers its pros as employment of high level jobs should based on equality with equal chances of job opportunity, and imposing these quotas will eventually compromise the quality of work due to the difference in personalities and make-up between men and women, and the lack of support of quota as some women themselves simply do not want quota to be implemented.
It is of no surprise that the reservation of high level jobs for women is due to the obvious lack of women in these areas compared to men. By introducing this quota system, a diverse and equal number of both genders at the top level will be achieved as it quickly and directly narrows down the gender gap. In the year 1991, a law enacted in Argentina demanded at least 30% of the candidates for the Chamber of Deputies to be women. Since the approval of this quota law, it has caused a striking increase of 5.1% to 27.6% of women to be elected into it (Carlos Aggio 2001). This proves a drastic closure of gender gap in the job arena. However, maintaining a diverse and equal number of different genders at the top level does not guarantee to deliver a promising quality of work. According to New York Times (1992), Sharon Harlon said that women are not performing well at the top either even though there are many of them. Besides that, there is a common rationale that expanding the number of women in power tackles the problem of the lack of women in high level jobs as they are more likely to bring in more powerful woman. Yet, this fact is just a mere assumption. In fact, a source from the India Times (2011) states that a study in London shows that women holding top position are favouring men when it comes to promotion. The female managers are also more likely to become the male workers’ mentor than a female worker. Therefore, the lack of women working in high level jobs is not a valid excuse for the...

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