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The Vitruvian Man. This Is The Famous Artwork Done By Leonardo Da Vinci With The Perfectly Propotional Man Who Is Able To Fit In A Circle And A Square.

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The Vitruvian Man is one of the many famous pieces of artwork that Leonardo da Vinci drew. This picture, drawn in pen and ink is a man that is made up of perfect proportions. The picture is a man who fits into a circle and a square by moving the positions of his arms and legs. The reason the artwork is named "The Vitruvian Man" is because there was a man named Vitruvius in ancient Rome. Vitruvius was an architect who wrote a series of ten books on architecture. In the third volume of this ten book series he is talking about the temples and says that the temples should be based on the proportions of man because the human body is the model of perfection. He continues saying that a man can fit in the perfect geometric forms, a circle and a square with the arms and legs of the body extended.There were many attempts by artists and others during the Renaissance to make a man or figure that would fit perfectly in a circle and a square. Most people who tried failed miserably. There is one instance with the man Cesariano who attempted to draw the perfectly proportional man that would fit in a circle and a square. When he was done the square was man had hands and feet that were too big as well as the arms and legs too short. There were numerous amounts of other things wrong with his drawing as well. When Leonardo went to draw a perfectly proportional man he just drew a figure and after drawings it he realized that there was a circle and a square in this figure.The Reason this picture is of such great importance is not only that a man fits in a circle and a square perfectly but that if you look around the square is the way humans naturally relate to the physical world. There are many examples of this even in our world today such as the four seasons, four elements, four directions, and four legged chairs. There were many other reasons that it was important to...

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