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The Vivacity Of English Essay

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The English language has always had vivacity. Before English was even a known language, its linguistic precursors were set in a perpetual forward moving motion that led to the development of English as we know it. The English language has never been static in geographical location, vocabulary, grammar, and certainly not in the people who speak it (Crystal).
However, it is important to note that a lingua franca is necessary for people to communicate on a global level. International relations are important and have been important throughout history. The League of Nations was the first of many alliances to allocate a special place for English making it lingua franca for its proceedings. Lingua franca is a shared language of communication used between people whose main languages are different. In order for a language to become lingua franca, it must be widely used by those who wield power (Crystal).
There are two main factors that make English a lingua franca. The two factors are its internal and external qualities. The internal qualities of structure and lexicon are important items in any language. English is much simpler in these structures than other languages. For example, Latin has accusative, dative, genitive, feminine, masculine, or neuter, but English does not have these distinct features. Moreover, English has a vast vocabulary making it more flexible and easier to pair with other languages. The external qualities of the number of users, geographical diffusion, political and economic power, religion, media communication in science and technology, as well as diplomacy, and globalization all lead to the development of a lingua franca (Hoogstad).
The history and development of the English language is not transparent as English is bound up with so many other languages in Indo-European countries. However, a look into the history of the English language might shed some much-needed light on the origins of English (Crystal).
History of the English Language
The English language emerged with the arrival of the Angles, the Saxons, and the Jutes. These three Germanic tribes invaded Britain during the fifth century AD by crossing the North Sea from Denmark and northern Germany. Upon their...

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