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The Voice Of Change Essay

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Celebrities have an immense amount of influence in the society because of their fame, talent, and character. Recording artists such as Macklemore & Ryan Lewis and Lady Gaga advocate equal rights among races, genders, and sexuality through their music because it is a way for them to for them address rising issues in this society. The music that is created by these artists give a sense of comfort, empathy, and momentum to listeners so they can practice their beliefs and promote change. Therefore it is prevalent to see that when a celebrity endorses a cause, it does have a major impact on our society because they are the voice of change.
Macklemore and Ryan Lewis recently won a Grammy Award ...view middle of the document...

According to TIME Magazine, she was named the second most influential person of the last decade due to the fact that she is a trendsetter in empowering the youth and inspiring bravery.
One of her hit songs, “Born This Way” promotes the idea that people did not choose to become gay or a lesbian, but the fact that they are born that way since birth. Therefore people should accept that group of people for who they are rather than judging them in this society. This also led to the emergence of her charity organization called, “BORN THIS WAY FOUNDATION.” Their mission is to “foster a more accepting society where differences are embraced and individuality is celebrated.” So theoretically, Lady Gaga is the voice in this social change towards equal rights and her fans act as an echo to help promote this change.
Lady Gaga also practices bravery and independence through her fashion sense. For example, she was interviewed on Good Morning America on February 17, 2011 dressed in a “Condom inspired” latex outfit. This was her way of promoting safe sex and AIDS awareness on the show. She is not afraid to be judged by the public eye and...

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