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The Voice Of Nature Questions And Answers New England College Assignment

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Week 4 discussion
The idea of worldview is different for many people because everyone views the world differently. Some believe that we are completely ruining the Earth and that in a few years we won’t be able to live on it; and others believe that the Earth has nothing wrong with it. I think it’s all based on science and how much you know and are taught that will create your worldview. A native worldview is considered to be the tribes viewing Eagle Rock, also known as home of the white wolf, as a sacred site and prehistoric navigation site. The tribes living today in this territory have requested that the rock be protected as a site of religious worship. I consider this a worldview because to anyone else, this could just be a normal rock but it really means a lot to these tribes. These tribes rely a lot on nature. Whereas the manifest destiny worldview seems like it has a lot to do power and control.
Vandana Shiva goes on and on about how food is the sacred gift and I believe that this is true. Food is what keeps you going and we would all die without it. I like how in the reading it said, “An agriculture without people becomes an agriculture dominated by agribusiness and fossil fuels.” There are so many companies that are putting pesticides on their vegetables and different foods to make them last longer, which I feel like is a huge problem in itself. My mom has always got organic foods even though they are more expensive because she is super against the use of pesticides. I believe that we are capable of changing our food habits because as a whole, we waste a lot of food. We are constantly growing as a society and even though the amount of food will never run out, I don’t think anyone wants to take that chance.
Murphy has sort of a negative outlook on what is happening in the world. All of her reasons for having this outlook are due to real life things going on. She talks a lot about how we as a society as considered to be self-centered people; living in houses, having air-conditioned rooms, and being able to cook meals every night. It makes me wonder how she grew up and...

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