The Voucher Program Makes All Schools Public

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A good education is extremely important. However, it seems that schools are more overwhelmed with passing a test then truly educating the students. Everyday people are debating which school is better public, private or charter schools, in the book, Taking Sides by James W. Noll. Fredrick M. Hess seems to be arguing mostly that what makes public education public is that it produces productive citizens in “Should ‘Public Schooling’ Be Redefined”. Linda Nathan et al, seems to disagree with everything Hess is saying. She thinks Hess is confused on what public schools are and how they affect students and the community in “Should ‘Public Schooling’ Be Redefined”. Hess seems to think that “public schooling” is away for educators to pass on their own beliefs. While Nathan believes that the public schools make sure that, the poor students and the minority students get an education. All schools whether they be public or private are obligated to have the same goal in mind, which is giving the students a good education. Public schools get their funding from tax dollars and are open to everyone regardless of the family’s income, social standings or a student’s academic ability or inability. Public schools do not discriminate on who can attend. In addition, they have state guidelines that set out standards and assessments. These standards and assessments are to make sure that the schools are educating the students. However, with the new voucher program every school that accepts students using them would then be a public school. Therefore, when a school admits every student that came its direction it would in fact be a public school. With the voucher program, the private school who accepts the students would need to be accredited causing them to lose the private school title. In that case, if a private school takes every student that came its way then it too would be a public school. With the new voucher program, this would do away with public and private schools.
With the new voucher program, funding for schools will change, as will the unity of a community. According to Nathan “In the past students who have attend public school did not pay for their education” (170). In some cases there are free lunch programs and free book rentals for low-income families. Some of these funds come from fundraisers at the schools, though the majority of the funding comes from taxpayers and the federal government. According to Nathan, some schools have received “increased funding from both state and federal sources” (170), these funds pay for the transportation of students to school. In addition, some of these funds go toward the free or reduced lunches and free or reduced book rental fee for students of a poverty-stricken family. Taxes are not the only form of funding; some of the money comes from different fund-raisers. Clay E. Baulch points out how it does not matter if they come from a poor family or a rich family in “The Pragmatic Path and the Influence of...

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