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The Vow Of Revenge Essay

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Hamlet completely revolves around revenge. Revenge is getting payback for something that affected oneself. Hamlet wants revenge of Claudius for killing his father, and Laertes wants to seek revenge on hamlet for killing his. Revenge in the story pushes the plot forward as Hamlet tries to kill Claudius throughout the whole novel, which causes many tragedies. Vengeance causes the characters in Hamlet to act blindly through anger and emotion, rather than through reason leading to the massacre of the entire family.
“Revenge is foul in most natural murder” (Act1 Scene 5.) Hamlet’s father comes back to earth as a ghost to inform him the true reason of his death; he was murdered by Claudius, his ...view middle of the document...

Assassination is not only against the law, but a sin it is said that the avenger’s soul will suffer forever in hell.
Claudius decides to secretly have Hamlet killed. He is clever as he never takes part in the assassination attempts himself. Claudius debates in one of his assassination attempts whether or not to poison hamlets goblet. The only reason Claudius manages Hamlet’s intolerable madness is due to his love for Gertrude. The royal family was torn apart when King Hamlet was murdered. Claudius exhibits a much fevered state. Claudius himself displays maddening effects after each try to kill Hamlet fails.
Anger over his father’s murder Laertes amassed an army to take revenge against Claudius, and swears revenge against Hamlet, for his sister’s insanity as he is extremely shocked over her mental condition. Laertes state of shock over the loss of his father and the sight of the deranged sister he is open to manipulation. He showed a characteristic of being reckless. Laertes murderous thoughts at first were...

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