The Wage Rate And The Cost Of Living

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The Wage Rate and the Cost of LivingHere in the United States, the job market is not a very large one. The employers in most towns expect to pay their employees little to nothing for their services, not realizing how much it actually does cost to live in here. On the news the other day, I saw a story on the amount people are being paid, as opposed to the cost of living here in the U.S.; it said that in order to be able to make it you would have to make 9 dollars an hour. 9 dollars an hour. I could not tell you many places that would actually be willing to pay that much, and most of the jobs that pay that much are for young males who are willing to put in 10 hour days in the heat on a roof or in the dirt. In our society, people seem to think if they let people work full time for their company getting paid $5.15 an hour that the employee should be more than happy and able to pay all of their expenses. The employers around here are just plain cheap.I went out in search of finding a job the other day trying to find out just how much employers really are willing to pay. I brought along my resume which included my entire list of job experiences as well as my educational background. To my surprise the most money in which they were willing to pay me was 300 dollars a week salary. This was to be a manager, which would require me to come in anytime they needed me too, work at least 60 hours a week, not to mention that they could call on the spur of the moment to come in. I do not know about the rest of the people, but...

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