The Walk On The Mississippi River English 1301 Essay

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Aishatou Soumano
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ENGL 1301
8 October 2017
The Walk on the Mississippi River
We all have a personal and spiritual connection to nature whether we realize or not. A relationship with our environment is something that we might take advantage of and start to move away from our connection to nature where we start hurting it, such as pollution. That’s when an interruption comes to the nature’s balance. It is our duty as inhabitants of planet Earth to create the means to keep it a livable environment. A memory that connects me to our environment is when I stood on the beautiful Mississippi River and breathed that relaxing wisp of air. My mind wondered off because I have realized we don’t give as much respect to nature as it deserves. I also realized how the community and nature tie together and how we must enlighten ourselves and may even have to step out of our comfort zone to do that Our environment should be important and we must learn how to live in it at a sustainable rate which means we must learn how to take care of it and very soon before it becomes too late.
My artifact that ties me is simply a picture of me standing in front of the Mississippi River. A bit of a back story, living in Memphis, I made frequent visits to the river just to relax my mind. But the more often I was visiting, I was slowly realizing my community didn’t show much love for our environment because every 4th of July, we would have people from all parts of town gather around the river, set up barbecue grills, and fireworks. It was a major problem after all the entertainment, people would leave and the river would be a mess and no one would even think twice about the mess they had left behind. But who could blame them, it was not something they were accustomed to. To be truthful, my connection was not something that came to me straight off the bat, but instead as I spent more time in our community and came to know how the environment works to support us and how we have to do the same in return. I saw that it was in our best interests to keep it sustainable and...

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