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Individual Project Unit 1.A. What is the most important problem facing the Wallace Group?There are several problems facing the Wallace Group, but it seems the most crucial problem facing the group is two-fold; the lack of vision and direction from the CEO, Harold Wallace and improper management.a. His diversification program that resulted in the acquisition of the chemical and plastics divisions lacked forward looking vision. He simply required the companies to uphold a profitable operation without any direction to improve (Wheelen & Hunger, 2004, p. 2-5).b. The company seems to have difficulty in the hiring process. It seems the company is focused on cutting cost rather than looking for effective employment resolutions. For example, instead of creating a management development program to train and recruit managers, the company relies on promoting technical staff. The cost cutting approach is also hindering the hiring of qualified engineers. The company focuses on hiring employees at the least possible salary as an alternative to paying the required amount for qualified expertise.c. Another concern that arises is un-standardized systems of collecting data and presenting information. For example, both managers are using different data and formats for essentially the same purpose, and therefore they create redundancy and higher workloads.B. What recommendation(s) would you make to Mr. Wallace, and in what order of priorities?Because I have given more than one important reason, I have several recommendations that will address each of the issues.a. First, I would recommend that the Wallace Group execute a corporate governance policy familiar to a business of its size. This would require that the company adopt a board of directors, which has five responsibilities (Wheelen & Hunger, 2004, p. 27):1. Setting corporate strategy, overall direction, mission, and/or vision--the company could implement a diversification in customers into the civilian sector or even foreign governments instead of relying mainly on the Department of Defense.2. Hiring and firing the CEO and top management--the board of directors could give Mr. Wallace performance requirements that if not met, they could seek out a replacement.3. Controlling, monitoring, or supervising top management.4. Reviewing and approving the use of resources--the company could evaluate whether to continue to purchase their raw materials from sister Wallace groups or seek outside sources.5. Caring for shareholder interest--the...

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"The Wallace Group" Strategic Management and Business Policy

1304 words - 5 pages -6 of The Wallace Group Case, most positions held by the corporate staff are "recent additions, many of the job accountabilities are still being defined." The same type of problem is apparent in the groups. In Frank Campbell's interview he states that the rapid growth of the company forced technical people into management positions that they aren't qualified or experienced to uphold (p. 2-7).Furthermore, Mr. Wallace is, in the words of Brad

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3011 words - 12 pages What is the most important problem facing the Wallace Group?After completing interviews with key members of the Wallace Group and reviewing notes from these interviews as well as various reports and observations of the Wallace Group it is clear that there are several problems within the organizations, among these are a mood of lethargy and drift within the Wallace Group, many managers feel that each of the three groups functions as a separate

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2301 words - 9 pages Case No.41: "The Apollo Group, Inc. INCLUDEPICTURE "http://www.apollogrp.edu/images/img_hdr_logo2.gif" \* MERGEFORMATINET Managing StrategicallyCase No.47: "The Apollo Group"TABLE OF CONTENTS2Sections 2Section a 21 Introduction 32 Core Competencies 42.1 Developing core competencies 42.2 Uses of core competencies 43 Core Competencies of the Apollo Group Inc 43.1 Skilled Workforce 43.2 Good Market Share 44 Key Success Factors 44.1 Product 44.2

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1065 words - 4 pages Chapter 8 Case 8-2 “Whither the Withering Standard Setters?” 1. There are a number of differences between the International Accounting Standards Board (IASB) and the Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB). The IASB consists of 16 members with 3 part time members. The FASB consists of 5 members with no part time members. The members of the IASB board consist of 4 from Asia, 4 from Europe, 4 from North America, 1from Africa, 1 from

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3548 words - 14 pages intelligent network and ATM Switching System. This company is still owned by the government but it will end in 2006.A time schedule is shown below when and what to approach CAT by Hong Leong Group.(Table 2 A time schedule for Hong Leong Group's further Strategy)Year Events and Actions2004 CAT opens its stakes to the publicHong Leong Group (HLG)starts to contact with CATTOT(The Telephone Organisation of Thailand) is partially privatised2005 General

Extensive Literature Review. A experimental study done by my class group, we've included each step and all the variables of our study. Includes limitations and a full analysis. 2 page works cited.

3176 words - 13 pages negative expressions with a smile (Ekman, p. 63-64).Starting with a literature review, our group chose to study the eyes and the expressions they can form. Along with this, we broke it down to dive further into the truth behind the eyes being ‘the window to our soul’. In order to do this we tested it on differing culture groups. We found this significant due to the way different cultures display different emotions and how many shield emotion

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1046 words - 4 pages or place of birth.The policy was introduced because it appealed to the public, it was apart of the Whitlam government campaign and the ethnic groups wanted it. The policy also would've have been more inviting for people wanting to migrate to Australia.2. Explain the effects that the policy of multiculturalism has had on Australian culture and society. 500 wordsThe effects of the multiculturalism policy have been good for Australia's culture and

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1318 words - 5 pages Individual Case Brief Rubric iPremier Case The response to the attack was as to be expected based on the situation and lack of preparation. While there was little that could be done to stop the attack while it was happening. However, there were many things that could have been done to prepare for such an attack and possibly prevent it. iPremier lacked proper emergency processes. A new employee was the "first responder&quot

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1210 words - 5 pages bible' (OU resource book3,p66). Wallace views on socialism and his skepticism of religion are starting to become evident 2 facts that were to later influence his own personal scientific studies.So, what were the boundaries of 'proper scientific subjects' and who sought to define them? In the 1830's an association for the development of science was formed. It was called the British Association for the Advancement of Science, set up by a group of

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1425 words - 6 pages the Imperial Army (Williams & Wallace, 1989). In one case they injected pregnant woman and shortly after the child was born they dissected them both to see how it affected the human body though pregnancy (Williams & Wallace, 1989). Another aspect of the Pingfan complex was to see the effects of cold temperatures on humans. They had a special cold chamber that could be used year round to determine how frostbite could be treated. The Japanese were

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1924 words - 8 pages The Wallace Group Case Analysis Introduction The Wallace Group is a diversified company that deals in the manufacture and development of technical products and systems. The company consists of three primary operating groups, electronics, plastics, and chemicals. The electronics group is by far the largest, its size is approximately the size of the plastics and chemical groups combined. Of the $70 million in net sales, the electronics

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747 words - 3 pages Melissa BaldanPrepared for Dr. MikeMarch 24, 2005MGT 485Unit 1 IPDuring the evaluation of the Wallace Group, it has come to my attention that several key factors are obstructing the growth of the company. The main issue in determining how these factors can be changed is by remolding the company outlook. It is imperative that The Wallace Group change their business perspective to a strategic choice perspective. This perspective utilizes an

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1558 words - 6 pages based on specific action plans developed by students. It is most effective to go through this option in one session lasting three to four hours, rather than to space it over two to three classes. 2. Special note from case author: Regardless of the option selected, the key element of this case is that the acquisition strategy of The Wallace Group has been disastrous for producing the following problems: A. The acquisition strategy has moved

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971 words - 4 pages distribution of rights and responsibilities among different participants in the corporation" (Cadbury, 2002, p. 15). In the case of The Wallace Group, Harold Wallace acts as both the President and Chairman of the board of directors, which gives him an enormous amount of control over the direction of the company. While this entrepreneurial mode of management may have worked in an up-and-coming electronics company, the acquisition of the two new