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The Walls’ Children Should Not Be Removed

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Although Rex and Rosemary Walls of The Glass Castle have strange ways of parenting, and aren’t the ideal parents; the Walls’ kids should not be removed from their home. There are numerous reasons for them to be removed, indeed Rex and Rosemary, at times were awful parents, but children should never be taken away from their family, no matter how crazy they are. If the children were to be removed, they wouldn’t be anything like themselves; they wouldn’t have the education they currently have, they wouldn’t be as successful as they grow to be, and they would’ve missed out on many major life lessons.
The Walls’ children have an exquisite education, they learn from real world experiences, life lessons, and their teaching-certified mother. Although Lori, Jeanette, Brian, and Maureen were practically raised on the streets at times, their parents spent plenty of time teaching them everything from how to make beds from random appliances, to knowing the importance of not judging people because of their skin color. After the kids move to Welch, they discover some places do not have very decent teaching expertise, Jeanette says “ …but he stood at the front of the room next to a map of West Virginia, with all fifty-five counties outlines, and spent the entire class pointing to the counties and asking students to identify them”(137). In Welch, the learning is appalling. They “pass the hour watching a film of the football game that Welch High had played several days earlier”(137), in Jeanette’s second period. The Walls’ children would be better off learning from a trailer in the middle of the desert than in Welch High. Maureen however, was practically raised in a different environment, she wasn’t taught all of the lessons her siblings were, she wasn’t around her family as much, and she turned into a criminal. Other children around the world that aren’t taught the life lessons, and have the education the Walls’ children do, may turn out to be criminals, resembling Maureen.
The Walls’ children succeeded many huge milestones, which other children from poor families may not have the motivation to do. Instead of staying in Welch all of their lives and living miserably, they found a way to get what they wanted out of life. They didn’t want to be cooped up in a dank house with their parents for the rest of their lives, so they moved to a place where they could find themselves. They still had family time, in fact more often than many other families. “On weekends, we all met at Lori’s apartment. We made fried pork chops or heaping plates of spaghetti and meatballs and sat around talking about Welch, laughing so hard at the idea of all that craziness that our eyes...

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