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The Walt Disney Company As An Internet Pioneer

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The Walt Disney Company as an Internet Pioneer

There are many factors that contribute to an organizations success, or
downfall. Identifying these factors and the role each of them has on
the four functions of management should help the organization be more
successful. Three factors that may impact an organization may be
E-business, technology, and/or diversity.

There are many organizations in the world today, though few have been
as successful as the Walt Disney Corporation.

'Disney is one of the most famous names in the animation industry,
known for providing entertainment directed to adults and children
alike; with international theme parks and a world-class animation
studio and business franchise, the company nearly dominates the
industry. Famous names such as Mickey Mouse began with Disney, and
were the foundation of a company that has now branched out into
several entertainment studios, theme parks, products and other media

E-commerce has changed the world we live in today. No longer does he
or she have to get the car and drive to the store, now the store comes
to him or her. From and organizations view-point, development of and
e-commerce site can be very difficult to effectively execute. Hours of
careful planning and research is needed, because without planning he
or she could potentially launch a site which could ruin his or hers
chances of ever having a successful e-commerce site. If the site is
not successful on the first go, customers probably will not be
returning for future purchases.

Disney has one of the most successful e-commerce sites out there, and
this did not happen without careful planning. With the click of a
button Disney can be brought to his or her doorstep. Things like,
advance tickets, clothing, interactive games and videos, toys, books
and everything else Disney has to offer.

How does Disney get he or she to purchase these items? By focusing on
customers needs. The first step in developing an effective e-commerce
site is by listening to the customer, which for Disney has never been
a problem since they have always been devoted to making people happy.
Questions like, how can Disney save the customer time and money? What
are the customer?s biggest frustrations with e-commerce sites? These,
along with many others, are questions, which need answers before
building an e-commerce site.

Disney?s e-commerce developer?s also needed to do lots of research on
how e-commerce sites function. Things like shopping carts, shipping,
payment options, security, search engines, and managing the content.
Knowing how these things function and ways to improve upon them will
reduce later frustrations. Disney must also stay update on the latest
technology, and what their competitors are offering. E-commerce and
the Internet have changed the way people do business, and with
Disney?s careful planning they...

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