The Wampus Cat Legend Essay

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Three friends sat around a roaring campfire in an eerie Tennessean forest sharing ghost stories and local fables. It was Johnny’s turn to share a bedtime story that his father told him as a young boy. The other two men sat with baited breath as he began a story about an Indian woman and a medicine man’s curse.
There was an enchanting Cherokee woman with raven hair and emerald eyes who despised staying home while the men went hunting for supper every night. One evening she followed the men into the forest and witnessed them sitting around a fire performing magic. Watching tribal magic was forbidden for women so she hid under a cougar skin behind a large oak and watched with wonderment. As ...view middle of the document...

He grabbed his pellet gun from the wall rack, game bag off the hook and bullets from the shed. The field was on the outskirts of the woods and always full of hares during the late afternoon. Johnny crept through the tall grass and hoped to get a lucky shot. A peaceful breeze blew through the meadow carrying a sweet honeysuckle scent that made Johnny sleepy. He sat down next to a hollowed out stump and closed his eyes for just a second.
Johnny woke with a start as Zeus let out a fierce growl and Thor whimpered at something in the forest. Night had fallen while Johnny napped and a crescent moon waned now in the sky. Terror ripped through him as a howl rang in the trees just feet away from him. Something moved towards him in the brush with piercing yellow eyes and dripping fangs. The creature stood up on two sinewy legs and howled again. Johnny frozen in fear just stared at the beast as it continued to creep toward him.
Finally, something snapped inside Johnny to get his feet moving in the direction of the house. Zeus and Thor sped past him to the safety of the barn. The Wampus was right behind him and Johnny could feel hot dank breath on the back of his neck. Johnny ran faster with his short life flashing before his eyes. The creature was inches from Johnny’s collar as he entered his front yard. Johnny screamed for his wife Rebekah to open the door as she...

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