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The Need Of Water Essay

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I would like for each of us to stop and think for a second, what is the world without water? Of course the first thing that comes to mind is death, disease and starvation. Aside from that, I would like to say that everyone has the power to make a difference in this world. So as I take you through this journey of water sharing, remember that it’s for the better of the people.
One thing that strikes me is how much this world is turning towards destruction. As more and more major companies in the U.S privatize water, I can only stop and say, “we got to put a stop to this!” Instead of sitting there and watching the world burn, we must make it known in our workplace. My plan in this conflict is to start by making donation boxes that would catch people’s attention. Putting a powerful image on the cover of the box is one way to make it happen. Then, at the end of the donation period, the store with the most donation would be granted to go to a concert. The focus will eventually fall into people feeling bad for the poor. Making them wanting to donate.
Torbi, a small village in northern Kenya have been lucky enough to get help from a Christian rock band, Jars of Clay. They built a catchment system to collect fresh water in the desert. Moreover, the ability to start a mission is hard enough, but with great passion comes great success. In 2001, lead vocalist Dan Haseltine visited Malawi and saw villagers drinking dirty water from mud pools. This inspired Haseltine to start the Blood:Water Mission. Haseltine says, “Not only is clean water vital in 3rd world countries, but it helps the communities a lot. It also decreases HIV/AIDS rate (Academic Search Premier).
Companies such as Coca-Cola and Nestle use Michigan well-water to suck up millions of gallons of water, leaving the public to suffer with shortages. Also, Nestle is responsible for digging a deep well that is helping us to create jobs. I still believe that it’s necessary to provide water for everyone. Decreasing the use of water and using it efficiently will make a difference. The water usage will decrease revenue in the company, but it’s better to see them improve than waste water away.
Sitka, Alaska is home to the world’s most spectacular lakes. Annually, people around the world struggle to meet water needs. 6.2 billion gallons of Sitka’s water reserves go unused. The good news is, is that 80 million gallons of that water will be shipped to a bottling facility near Mumbai, India. Other than that, the water delivery will be dispersed throughout the drought plagued cities in the Middle East. The companies that are involved are True Alaska Bottling and S2C Global. Both of which are hard at work to make water facilities and transfers around the world. This especially excites me because people that care more about water for the poor than privatizing it will make a difference in the world (Academic Search Premier).
The sad part is, is that in business, a commodity is sold to the highest bidder, not the...

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