The War Between The Trojans And The Achaeans, Which Resulted In The Fall Of Troy

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A war is a behavior patterned of organized violent conflict, which the causes are extreme aggression, societal disruption and high mortality. It involves two or more groups which has found a conflict which may not be resolved, only through war. In all cases, there is always one participant or group which remains successful at the end. Leaders always enter a war with their nation even though they say their actions were defensive; however when viewed objectively, their actions may more closely be due to a sign of disrespect. The Trojan War was written by Barry Strauss.

The Trojan War is a conflict shrouded in mists of myth, fragmented historical evidence and often-inconclusive archaeological clues. The Trojan War was considered as one of the greatest conflicts in Greek Mythology. It was a war that influenced many people in literature and in arts for centuries. This war lasted for about ten years and it was fought between the Trojans and the Achaeans. Troy was a renowned city since it was known for its great defensive walls and its highly aimed and trained archers. It was also known for its great reign by their king, Priam. Priam was the king of Troy during the Trojan War. Hecuba was the wife of Priam. He said that the gods were always by their side, the reason why they could never lose battles against other nations. Troy was a powerful nation, mostly because of the great leadership by one of their prince, Hector.

The Achaeans were a nation, it formed a significant diaspora with Greek communities established around the world. The Achaeans were composed of Sparta, with Menelaus as their king; Mycenae, with Agamemnon as their king; and other cities in the Greek forces. Agamemnon was the leader of the Greek forces in the Trojan War. He was the brother-in-law of Helen of Troy. This was definitely a war to remember. A powerful city fighting against other nations with pride and revenge in their hearts.

The Trojan War has its roots between the Trojans and the Achaeans. It started when Paris, the Prince of Troy, had abducted the wife of Menelaus, the King of Sparta. Menelaus treated Troy and the Trojans with great respect and as loyal guests; however, they didn’t know what Paris was up to. This abduction led to the start of the Trojan War. Menelaus was outraged to find out what had happened. He asked help from all of Helen’s suitors to fight with him in battle against Troy. "Helen was not the cause but merely the occasion of the war". (The Attack on Troy, 2006) Achilles, considered as the most powerful warrior, though not a suitor of Helen, was sought after because they said that they couldn’t take Troy without his help. It was said the he was the most attractive in all of the Greek warriors. Legends say that his body is invulnerable, except for his heel. (The Iliad , 1951) A great story between the Wars is when Cinyras, a previous suitor of Helen, the King of Paphos, promised Menelaus fifty ships for the greek fleet. He was true to his word,...

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