The War In Iraq: Ethical Or Unethical

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Assignment: Employ at least one ethical theory and at least one published reference in favor of the war in Iraq and at least one ethical theory and one published reference against the war in Iraq.The war in Iraq has been at the forefront of the news for a few years now. Support as well as opposition for the war has come from all corners of the globe. Duty ethics teaches us that our morals are characterized by our adherence to independent moral rules or duties. The war in Iraq was felt by some to be necessary because the United States, as the only super power left, has a duty to help countries powerless against tyranny and oppression. Some would also say that the duty of the United States to protect its own citizens from foreign enemies is one that overshadows all others and therefore makes this war necessary. The United States acted unilaterally in its effort to bring democracy to Iraq. Initiated by the Bush Administration, this war has sparked support as well as controversy since the decision for invasion was first mentioned.In my search for support of the war I found that the reasons many support the war can be attributed to the reasons outlined in the Presidents initial justification to go to war. The White House website is filled with speeches given all over the world by the President about why this war was necessary. Speeches to the American people, foreign countries, military personnel, and the U.N all delivered the same message that "...Sadaam Hussein was a brutal dictator who possessed chemical weapons and was seeking to obtain nuclear weapons to use against the United States...

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