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The War In The Land Of Tulivarne

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Tulivarne for 5 years this beautiful land has seen the disasters of war. The mountains that once toward over every living thing, full of riches and the forests that held the most vast array of colors in the fall and spring months. The rivers and the streams so pristine, now why would someone want to stain this beautiful land? Man would for it is in their nature to destroy anything and everything. Their war reaches to the far corners of the world like a wild fire sucking mountains dry and cutting down the trees and polluting rivers. For Tulivarne this terror may never end but there is hope that one day man will finally set aside their differences and just get along with each other. But there ...view middle of the document...

For the enemy with scores of warriors was bearing down on the inner gate With battle rams. So we tried our best to barricade that gate but now it didn’t seem to stand a chance. So like good soldiers we formed rank, probably the last time. Then when all hope seemed lost when everyone’s courage had already faded I saw him the king in his purple robe metal plate shining underneath. He drew his sword and gave a speech.
“Men today we fight an almost unbeatable foe. They come from the west striking terror into their enemy’s. They kill women and children, they steal food from the poor and slaughter the rich. They cutdown forests and drain mountains. They have help from the dwarves. That makes their army 15000 strong. Right now they are about to get through that gate-“ BAM! The king continued “they’ve done a great many deal of crimes, and their army is mainly criminals. Tonight we remember those in the town of Girald for they tried to stop the oncoming storm known as the Yerzoz. And they payed the ultimate price for their nobility and bravery. But men do you think Girald faltered when they saw 15000 men and dwarves march up to their doorstep? No they took up arms just as we did. Do you know why they did not falter at the sound from war horns of Yerzoz? Because they where citizens of Conia!” he was returned with a yell of 5000 men. “SO AS KNIGHTS OF CONIA WILL WE FALTER AT 1500 MEN AND DWARVES?!?!”
“YAA!!!!!!!” was the army’s response. And with that the gate fell.
I drew my sword with my left hand and leveled my shied with my right blocking a volley of arrows then I pull my shield away from my face and slice the midsection of the first attacker. stabbing the next through the chest....

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