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It is widely believed that if Patrick Henry had not given the speech “Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death” which influenced the start of the Revolutionary War, then America might still be under the rule of the British Monarchy. The Revolutionary War was the war when America regained their freedom from the British Monarchy in 1783. Henry is considered by many to be the best orator of his time. Patrick Henry was an attorney and politician; his most important characteristic was being one of America’s most renowned patriots. The effects of his speech were enriching and brought new hope to the American people. People present in the Church could only truly tell the atmosphere that remained at St. ...view middle of the document...

” Henry recognized this as treason, hence he said, “If this be treason, make the most of it.” Naturally, at the time people did not understand why he dare give such a radical speech, it was not until ten years later that people started to understand the significance of his speech because they had rebelled from the wish of being under the rule of the British Government. By the time Henry gave his oration, he had earned the respect of his audience from his previous speech. Another contributing factor to why the audience should trust him is that he alluded to the Bible multiple times and he was a man of God. The education that Henry received was basic, having been mostly taught by his father, John Henry; His education did not affect him, he was a self-taught lawyer, which helped give him noble speaking techniques that could persuade people. Henry’s distinguished oratory skills and respect from the American people are why United States citizens listened and understood the need for a revolutionary war.
Henry’s inspiration to give the speech was not contemplated over many months or years. In March 1775 Henry went to the town of Culpepper, Virginia entering the town square. There he witnessed the beating of a man, the beating was so vicious and brutal that Henry could count the man’s rib bones. All the man did to deserve this vile punishment was refuse to obtain a license to preach from the Anglican Church. When Henry saw this cruel action taken by the British Monarchs, he knew that this was not freedom or liberty. Within the same month that this event occurred, Henry delivered the elocution. The purpose was to convince the opposing party in a polite manner that war was inevitable. According to Thomas Jefferson, “Although it was difficult, when [Henry] had spoken, to tell what he had said, yet, while speaking, it always seemed directly to the point. When he had spoken in opposition to my opinion, had produced a great effect, and I myself had been highly delighted and moved, I have asked myself, when he ceased, ‘What the devil has he said?’ and could never answer the inquiry.” Henry was determined to help every person see his ideas in the same light as himself, the need for war. Even though everyone might not have understood exactly what he stated, they could grasp the significance of his speech by his use of pathos. Henry’s speech was not entirely based upon the need for full comprehension by the audience; his desire was to get the main point across through emotion. Henry’s speech was victorious in convincing his audience, for when it came time to vote on the issue, people sided with Henry. The speech contributed to the start of the Revolutionary War, which was needed to regain America’s freedom.

“Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death” was successful in convincing the House of Burgesses that war was inevitable by appealing to the emotions of the audience by using pathos. The pathos convinced the audience that America was going to war to give people the...

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