The War Of Planet Zoggar Essay

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In a planet far far away there was a lord named Zog. He ruled a planet called Zoggar where there were Zoggardorians that lived peaceful lives. Zog was mad at Barack Obama because Barack wanted to take over Zoggar and make it his moon.
Meanwhile, on the Earth, Barack Obama was feeling annoyed because an alien named Zog wanted to keep his planet and not let Earth have a moon. So Barack yelled at his secretary Bobby to get Lord Zog on the universal phone.
“Hello Zog, how are you doing? Have you thought of giving up your planet yet? None of your people will die and all you have to do is move them to Pluto.” stated Obama.
“That is very funny Obama, but you will not trick me because I am smarter ...view middle of the document...

Their first objective was to destroy all front line defenses.
Back in Zoggar, the Zoggardorians had spotted the Earthlings in their super magnified telescope. The telescope was normally used for scouting planets to attack and conquer. Right now, it was needed for a much more important role – war.
Zog ordered his army to get ready. A trap had been invented by an intelligent Zoggardorian called Smartilliscus for defense in case of emergencies. This was an emergency! Zog wanted to watch the trap to see if it worked by swallowing some of earth’s troops and airships into their new invention - the black hole.
“Smartilliscus, go and prepare the black hole for action, I want all of the Earthlings swallowed up!” directed Zog, “And get Zoggar2 immediately!”
“Yes sir!” Agreed Smartilliscus, “I will do that right away, sir!” With that he rushed off inform Zoggar2 that the boss needed him immediately!
“Ah, there you are! How are you Zoggar2?” asked Zog, several minutes later.
“I am good lord Zog, and what can I do for you?” replied Lord Zogs right hand man.
“I called you here to radio every Zoggardorian and tell them that those deathly Earthlings are here! They need to ready any defenses available. Also, tell the troops to get to their posts now!” screeched Zog.
“Yes, sir!” Zoggar2 replied clearly shaken by his boss screaming at him.
Back in space, the Earth`s first airships are coming up to the black hole. Suddenly, the first five attack ships disappear. Obama saw this through high-tech binoculars and quickly grabbed the microphone connecting all the ships together. He yelled “STOP the convoy” then he paused and said in a calmer voice “the first five attack ships have disappeared into nowhere. We are going to be switching course and going a kilometer around it to be safe.”
The convoy went around the black hole and there were no more casualties. When they got in range of Zogs defenses they fired missiles creating the first taste of war. Everyone kept firing until they had taken all the front line defenses and then they finally got the millions of troop carriers through to the ground. The first thing they did was put a United...

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