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England is a trail blazer in many forms, it has taught us about government, leadership and the arts; however its history has been tarnished by this war. It was 1453, England was recovering from a horrific Hundred Years War and the terrifying black death, it was a defining moment for England and it’s citizens, with its unstable leadership, the country was ready to collapse (“War of the Roses”, 1) With these damaging actions, a civil war was about to occur. The effects of this war was detrimental to England, the War of the Roses caused political, social and economic disadvantages to England. With an unstable leader, recovery from a long, hard war with France and the mourning from the ...view middle of the document...

(“War of the Roses, 5.)
Since Richard, Duke of York had brought their close ties with the House of Lancaster into the light, this sent the current king on a rampage of killing any and all heirs, determined to maintain his standing. (Salisbury, 5) This caused great political rampage, creating an uprising which eventually led to not only man slaughter, but a change in trust which had previously gone untested between the houses. On edge, the House of York entered quietly, the effect of this where closely tied with the Battle of St. Albans in 1455, marking the beginning of the civil war between the two houses, (Steams, 241) the Lancastrians wearing red roses and the Yorkists wearing white roses. (“Heritage of History: War of the Roses, 2.) This was extremely symbolic of the rivalry between the two houses, which had been resurrected long before the ruling of the current kings.
During the war, there were over seventeen battles to determine who got the throne (“War of the Roses”, 12.) Even through a weak peace treaty, there were constant governmental changes which caused political turmoil on the country, the houses and its citizens. After the second battle of St. Albans, the two houses reconciled, the new king led British government into an aristocracy in Parliament (Steamer, 241), and it led England out of its civil war, which left part of the country culturally behind, which caused great impacts later on in the century. This information shows us that the War of the Roses caused great political disadvantages during the war between the two houses and left them in a weak statute when the war was over.
There were also several social disadvantages that both caused and affected the War of the Roses. A main cause of the War of the Roses was the end of the Black Plague and mass inflation of prices of crops and labor, (“The War of the Roses” 2.) There were fewer and fewer workers available to work the fields because they were all dying, a large famine occurred because of this which left a very weak moral for England and also left them with a very weak economy. This also widened the social gap between the wealthier and lower classes which caused huge disadvantages for England’s lower classes.
Another reason of the social disadvantages to England was the deep set hatred between the houses of Lancaster and York that had existed long before their current kings and leaders. (Steam, 241) Their fragile relationship wouldn’t hold any sort of conflict, or the war would commence. Though they had an uneasy truce in the middle of the war, nothing could repair the damage they had caused during the war and before. This deep rivalry was difficult to repair after the War of the Roses and the bad blood that ran deep was going to take more than a treaty to repair, which was a great disadvantage to England during and after the war.
Another point that had caused great social disadvantages was the fact that great amounts of information were being held from the lower classes...

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