The Warnings Were Too Late Essay

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Why do people automatically believe that their government can be trusted? Many believe that their government is the best because it’s built on morality honesty, virtue, freedom, and equality. But, what if our government is actually making us believe these things by hiding the truth and manipulating the facts so that the citizens that love their country so dearly will continue to do so to the point that they will give up their lives to do it. George Orwell warned against this type of government in his novel 1984. He predicted the future and what it would look like. His novel had caused quite a scare and governments began to make sure that they did not become Big Brother and citizens made sure that they didn’t become the Party members. But, in reality, it was too late because today there are more similarities between the citizens of the United States with the Party members and the United States Government with Big Brother.
The United States government controls and regulates everything in an average American’s everyday life. The most important thing that they control is the amount of information that reaches the American public. The FCC can be compared to the Ministry of Truth in George Orwell’s 1984. This particular Ministry “…concerned itself with news, entertainment, education, and the fine arts…” (Orwell p8) and was responsible for the destroying of any evidence, meaning articles, photographs, videos, books, etc., that would make the government inferior to anyone or incorrect. When war enemies changed the information was changed so that the new enemy had been the same enemy from the beginning. You couldn’t refute or challenge the government because of the fact that “Who controls the past controls the future; who controls the present controls the past,” (Orwell p204) and the Party didn’t leave any information or evidence for people to challenge them. The Federal Communications Commission, or the FCC, is “charged with licensing radio and TV stations and regulating their programming in the public interest as well as with regulating interstate long-distance telephone rates, cable television, and the Internet.” (Edwards, 2008) Notice that the FCC has its hands in everything, like the Ministry of Truth. But what I want to focus on is their regulation of the internet and television programming because these are the two main sources where Americans get information. All of this regulation is done for the “good of the public”. The good of the public can be translated in many different ways. There is the good of the public where the government protects little Johnny and little Suzie from seeing pornographic images and hearing crude and vulgar things on television when all they are trying to do is watch Spongebob or play games on the internet. Good of the public could also mean protecting mommy and daddy from seeing the United States government sending their own country to war, which is what is believed to have happened the day of...

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