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Style Elements- "Canadian Fiction of the Great War" - Eric Thompson Elements of Timothy Findley writing style: The Wars is "firmly in the tradition of the genre of Great War Canadian novels." · It has characteristics of descriptions of battles and great love affairs in England · However, The Wars has more form then it's predecessors, through its close depiction of Robert Ross's heroism in the midst of the war."Externally, the characterization seems typical of the genre, we follow Robert through his initial training to his experience at the front, and his growing hatred and fear of war…the reality is different" because the reader is able to see how Findley probes Robert's inner life more then other heroes of Canadian War novels.The strength of the novel comes from Findley's "inspiration and craftsmanship in bringing the story to life." He does this by using the narrator as the archivist and interpreter who reconstructs the age of troubled people and to create Robert's character.Findley's way of writing permits the reader to interpret the ideas, "to see the deeper significance of human life" during the war.Men who actually fight during the war will tell specific facts when recalling war stories.Novelists, however, emphasize individual "fictional" experiences. This allows for the reader to see the human responses to the war in which concern the author. In Findley's case it is: - The naiveté of the citizen soldier - Shock of combat on foreign soil - Way soldiers cope with personal conflicts and dilemmas The author shows war as "the remorseless enemy of human hopes." It is the product of human hatred, "the greatest antagonist which the soldier protagonist has to confront, and seek to conquer." Findley's main character Robert and his representation of other men during the war: Through analyzing Robert's character throughout the novel the reader is able to see two prominent topics/themes effecting different...

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3897 words - 16 pages , p. 45). Yet the roots of the conflict in Chechnya, which have spurned two wars with the Russian Federation over the past two decades, are defined neither by terrorist activities or the Islamists who have recently come to typify the most virulent of the separatist rebels; rather, the origin is in the centuries long forging of a group that has faced common persecution from the Russian Empire, the Soviet Union, and the Russian Federation

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1709 words - 7 pages heroism by keeping faith with his ideals despite the betrayal, despair and tragedy he suffers throughout the course of The Wars by Timothy Findley. The reason is that he disobeyed an order from a commanding officer and saved the horses. Robert cannot stand and watch the horses die. He feels that he needed to make up for the rabbits. He decides to do the right thing and save the horses. Ross died for life. Robert thought that, since he could not save

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948 words - 4 pages Many of the symbols in novels seem far-fetched to readers whose lives are not planned out by a writer, however, Timothy Findley manages to use symbols in The Wars to provide for a meaningful story and cause readers to reflect on the similar symbols in their lives. The symbolism in the novel is representative of Robert Ross and allows readers to dive deeper into the world of an innocent boy who is placed into a cruel war. The various symbols in