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The Wars Of The Crusade Essay

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The Crusades were Christian soldiers who fought for the glory of God to protect their religion. The Crusades believed that it was acceptable to murder in war as long as it was for Jesus Christ. In 753 A.C., Pope Stephen II tells the ruler of the Franks Pepin Carolingian that “St. Peter would remit the sins of the men who goes to war for his church” (Lords and Ladies). “The priests could not fight in the wars with weapons but only to help celebrate mass and pray for Christian victories or to carry relies of saints” (Lords and Ladies).
The crusades were also a set of holy wars between 1096-1270 A.C. The first Crusade was over the Christian knights and the Muslims in order to regain their holy ...view middle of the document...

“The new emperors attempts to submit the Byzantine church to Rome met with his stiff resistance, and Alexius the fourth was strangled after a palace coup in the early 1204. In response, the crusaders declared war on Consinople and the fourth Crusade ended with the conquest and looting of the magnificent Byzantine capital later that year” (History).
The remainder of the thirteenth century saw a variety of crusades aimed not so much at toppling Muslim forces in the holy land as at combating any and all of those who seen as enemies of the Christian faith. The Albigensian crusade from 1208-1229 aimed to root out the heretical Cathari or Albigenasian sect of Christianity in France, while the Baltic Crusades sought to subdue pagans in Transylvania. In the fifth Crusade was put into motion by pope innocent the third before his death in 1216, the crusades attacked Egypt from both land and by sea but were forced to surrender to the Muslim defenders led by Saladin’s nephew, Al-Malik al-kami, in 1221. ( In 1229, in what became the sixth crusade, emperor Frederick the second achieved the peaceful transfer to Jerusalem to crusader control through negotiating with Al-Kami. The peace treaty expired a decade later and Muslims easily regained control over Jerusalem.
Through the end of the thirteenth century groups of crusaders looking to gain ground of the holy land through little lived rapids that showed a little more than a...

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