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The Warsaw Ghetto Holocaust: Annotated Bibliography

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The broad topic that will be addressed will be the Holocaust, but more importantly, I will scrutinize the issue of the Warsaw Ghetto. Since students are learning less about the Holocaust, I want to learn more about the Holocaust in general. I specifically want to discover what it was like inside the Warsaw Ghetto. I will discuss what the conditions were like and tell some horrific stories that happened inside the walls.
My Goals
To better understand that Holocaust and what happened during those time
To understand the Warsaw Ghetto and all that took place behind it’s walls
To share my findings with others so that they may understand the Holocaust and the Warsaw Ghetto better, so that this terrible event will never happen again
The Holocaust took place so long ago that my parents weren’t even born during the event. This being said, students are not learning about the tragedy that took place in the middle 1900’s because they have no one to teach them ...view middle of the document...

At first, I was drawn to the movie because of it’s title - for I love music and wanted to right a paper about something musical. But soon after watching the first thirty minutes, I felt a pain in my heart and knew that this was the movie that I needed to write about if I wanted to share this issue with my classmates. Also, students might think that this event doesn’t effect them, but in reality it does! I want to share and remind people about what happened those fatal years, so that it never happens again. This heart wrenching issue can be a learning tool in years to come.
Early Research
After watching the movie, The Pianist, I started to research about the Holocaust and the Warsaw Ghetto. I watched some films about the Warsaw Ghetto and heard so of the stories about what happened behind the walls. After watching a few films I started researching on Google. There I have found a multitude of articles on the Holocaust, but most importantly, the Warsaw Ghetto. These articles show pictures, maps, and give incredible information about the Warsaw Ghetto. Though I am not focusing on the issue of movies being historically correct, I still looked at movie reviews for The Pianist, to get an added bonus of information about what truly happened in real life. Though I do not have the access to interview the survivors, I have already looked at some articles and watched films in which survivors were being interviewed.
The main genre that I am focusing on is a research paper because I would like to learn more about the Holocaust and Warsaw Ghetto. Once I learn more I could write articles for the my town’s newspaper, start a web page, or even write a book about the life of one of the survivors. By doing all these writing projects, I will be able to spread information to others about my issue.
In Progress: Watch a film on a true story that has an issue. Research the issue through the internet and books.
Week 1: Finish the plan or “road map” for the paper.
Week 2: Finish the research proposal and the review of the annotated bibliography.
Week 3: Finish the research paper draft, bibliography draft, and ten pieces of evidence that supports the thesis.
Week 4: Finish the revised paper, works cited page, and revised bibliography

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