The Warsaw Ghetto Its A Resaerch Paper

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The city of Warsaw held an extremely large amount of Jews before World War II but the number only continued to rise during the war. When the news of what went on inside the Warsaw ghetto, it gave inspiration to other Jews who were receiving the same discrimination. The Jews were nearly one-third of the entire population of Warsaw and could be found in every part of the city. They had integrated into the city entirely.The German forces reached the city on September 8th and 9th. Within a few days they had surrounded the city and bombardments from the Germans had begun. The people of Warsaw fought back the siege for three whole weeks. After the Germans had finally occupied Warsaw, the attacks on the Jews began. District Governor Ludwig Fischer decreed many measures concerning the economic affairs of Jews, such as non-Jews leasing Jewish enterprises without obtaining a special permit. Many of these decrees made it nigh impossible for Jews to go on. Also, Jews were ordered to put all of their money into a bank that would only allow them 250 zlotys per week! These measures put a stop to any economic activity the Jews might have had.On October 12th 1940, the Jews were told of the decree establishing a ghetto. The creation of the ghetto meant that 138,000 Jews had to take some 113,000 Pole's homes. Nearly 30 percent of the population was forced into 2.4 percent of Warsaw's area. Besides the lack of space, the Jews were deprived of food. They received only 25 percent of the rations for non-Jewish Poles and only 8 percent of what the Germans got. ByNovember 1940, there had already been 445 deaths in the ghetto and they were sealed off from the outside world.From here, things only went down hill. German manufacturers, looking to set up workshops in the ghetto, arrived in the ghetto in the summer of 1941. Businesses such as carpentry, textile and fur began to replace the old Jewish workshops. Nearly 4,000 - 5,000 Jews were dying every month because they could no longer support themselves."Some residents had some money or valuables they could trade for food smuggled into the ghetto: others were forced to beg or steal to survive(from their neighboring poles)."On average, the Jews only received 15 percent of the minimum daily requirement of nutrients needed for survival. But Jews found new ways to survive. For one, they could still smuggle in goods, whether it be rations or arms, from the outside. Also, volunteer soup kitchens were opened every day at mid-day to provide 600 - 800 calories for free. But this source of food and funding gradually dwindled throughout the war. The Jews started self-imposed taxes. Families who could give but didn't were shamed by those in their apartment building. Their names were written in the entry to the complex and they were shut out of the social activities of other families.Despite the Jews effort to survive, the death toll was still rising. As with other ghettos, the effect of the environment was kicking in. The cramped...

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