The Water Is Wide And The Corridor Of Shame

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Education is the most valuable possession a person can have. Everyone living in the United States is entitled to an equal opportunity to go to school and to be educated. However, in the novel The Water is Wide and the documentary Corridor of Shame, the opportunity of education is not fully there for those children. Luckily, Pat Conroy was eager to teach underprivileged kids on Yamacraw Island (Daufuskie Island), and parents and teachers are trying to help children living in the rural areas off I-95 known as the “Corridor of Shame”. The novel The Water is Wide and the documentary Corridor of Shame are very similar. Through both the novel and documentary, education is being sought after no matter what the financial circumstance of the child or location may be.
The Water is Wide illustrates the theme of the documentary Corridor of Shame. Education is only given those who have wealth and those living in wealthy communities. Both the children in the novel and the children in the documentary are deprived of a proper education because of their economic status and location. Everyone has the right to learn. They should not be deprived just because of where they live or how much their parents earn. “It is not a large island, nor an important one, but it represents an era and a segment of history that is rapidly dying in America (Chapter 1: Pg.4).” Yamacraw (Daufuskie) might be a small island, and the towns off I-95 may be small, but that does not mean those children are incapable of receiving the same amount of education as other children living in richer communities. The theme of the book is shown very clearly throughout the documentary.
Many factors have led to students not being able to learn. Lack of money, improper learning facilities, and location are some of the reasons why children are not able to learn to their fullest potential. Without money from the state, schools cannot afford to be properly heated and checked for mold. The schools are often too small and very old. This then causes many problems. There is just not enough space to teach all of the students and it is hard to find teachers that are willing to teach in such poor school conditions. If there was money given to these schools, they could then be rebuilt so that there is more room and proper heating and cooling throughout the building. No child should have to be stuck in a moldy, freezing cold room for seven hours. In addition to the current facilities being terrible, location is another big reason why students are unable to learn. It is hard to find teachers willing to drive a far distance to teach students in rural areas. If new schools and if plenty of teachers could be provided for these children, they would be able to learn at the same rate as other children living in more privileged areas. “A decision favoring the school districts – represented by the Nelson Mullins law firm, which has handled the case for years free of charge – could require the Legislature to take...

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