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The Way American Culture Has Changed Over Time

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It is obvious American culture has changed drastically over time. American culture today is a lot different than it was one hundred, fifty , even twenty years ago. Styles, music, entertainment, and technology have all altered significantly. There are many people that influence our culture with their new talents, ideas, and personalities. During the 1930’s, your go-to girl for a good movie would be Judy Garland. With her diverse talents and unique beauty, she was always a sight to see on screen,she symbolized American culture back then. Nowadays, one could relate Judy Garland to Demi Lovato. Demi is one of the most diverse celebrities in the entertainment business today. Just like Judy, she also had a difficult time with being in the spotlight which led to self harming substances. Judy Garland and Demi Lovato was/is a big part of American Culture. They have many similarities but are very different at the same time. This is why they are perfect examples of how American culture has changed majorly over the past 100 years.
In the early twentieth century, Judy Garland made quite an impact as this multi-talented star became known around America. Her fame started at an early age. Born Frances Gumm in Grand Rapids, Minnesota, she joined the family act at the age of three. (Judy Garland UXL Biographies). She became known for her stunning voice and performing in her sister act “The Three Garlands” After her fathers death at age 14, the sister act dissolve ,and she started on her solo career. (Judy Garland UXL Biographies). Her mother became a very dominant factor in her career but also a destructive one. With the help of her mother and her talents ,by her teenage years, she became very popular and even signed a contract with MGM Studios. (Baxtor 3) In the book, The Films of Judy Garland, it states that, “ the years 1973-1945 were the busiest time of her life with dozens of films made. This had also become the time of her destruction at only the age of 15.” (Baxtor 4). Being in the spotlight took some toll on Garland. Some of the most famous movies Everybody Sing, Listen Darling, and the most famous The Wizard of Oz sent her into being one of the most famous actress in hollywood, even winning her an Academy Award at the age of 17 for best Juvenile performer of the year. (Baxtor 10). As her career began to blossom, she also started the misuse of diet pills and other substances. She suffered from depression and always had the sense of loneliness. (Judy Garland UXL Biographies). From the websites of UXL biographies states” MGM made her take diet pills to slim down her natural plumpness.” With taking these diet pills she then had trouble sleeping so she started taking sleeping pills. (Judy Garland UXL Biographies). The intake of both these pills caused anxiety, stress, and mental breakdowns throughout the 1940’s. (Judy Garland UXL Biographies) After MGM released her early from her contract ,due to her lack of commitment to the movies and tardiness to the...

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