The ?Way? As Seen In Taoism And Confucianism

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               Taoism and Confucianism are both very complex and important religions of their time. Both mainly Asian religions, these creeds were more prominent in the times they were developed then they are today. Each of these religions had a certain belief that there was a “Way” that things should happen and should work so that goodness and peace will regulate in the world. Confucius was the founder of Confucianism. His works were taught in the Confucian Analects. His sense of mission to be “a human among other humans.” He was said to have fortune cookie knowledge and was admired by many people, including his many followers. Lao Tzu is the founder of Taoism. His teachings are found from the Te-tao-ching. Lao Tzu beliefs were nature based around nature. Each of these teachers taught a great deal to their followers about their beliefs and we see that through the works they left behind.
Confucius was willing to teach and learn with anyone who came to him; once he even accepted an uncapped youth though he stated that he was not responsible for what the youth did when he left. He once struck a man who was waiting for him in a sprawling position in the shins with his staff, declaring that youths that show no respect for their elders achieve nothing, and those who merely get older are useless pests. He observed that one youth seemed to be more interested in growing up quickly than in improving himself. He expected his students to desire learning and think for themselves. As long as the student was making effort, regardless of his progress he would help him. He even encouraged them to compete with him in goodness. However, he found that most of them were looking for the rewards of a career. He was glad when students stayed with him rather than accepting the first position offered; though he did emphasize that the model sayings were to be carried out in practice. The rational Confucius did not act without knowing why; he heard much and selected what is good to follow, calling it the second type of knowledge. He once spent a whole day meditating without food and all night without sleep, but found that it was better for him to learn.
Confucius thought that education was very important. He has a section in the Analects dedicated to his own love of learning. Confucius thought that educating people was very important. He educated people not only by teaching them physically but also by teaching through his sayings in the Analects. One of the sayings from his Love of Learning section is as follows; Confucius said: “Sometimes I have gone the whole day without and food, and gone the whole night without any sleep, giving myself to though. It was no use. It was...

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