How I Desired To Go Into Economics

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As Jonathan Swift once said “Blessed is he who expects nothing, for he shall never be disappointed.” This quote is taken into great consideration not just because it based on literature but because it is also based on business and life as well. This quote helped acknowledge the other reasons to life, as to the way of business. Then I read a book called “Rich Dad Poor Dad” within that book it talked about what you think you know about economics and education further more it testes your knowledge. Some of the people who I look up to are my mother, Donald Trump, my teachers, my co-workers, and my friends. My mother showed that on will do anything to help those she/he loves to keep them moving forward in life she sacrificed so much showing determination to get us ahead in life as a single mothers. My teachers always supported me saying I was bright but yet did not acknowledge they were always there when I needed them and helped me when I needed educational help. My co-workers always said “You don’t want a life working as a cook for McDonald or Burger King so don’t throw your education away” this always made me try because it was true and it would make them happy seeing that they were right about me. I look to Donald trump because he owns so many businesses and has lot of power over people as well as being a great somebody and I don’t want to be normal person but instead a great somebody like Donald Trump. Perhaps I was never that rich in education having taken easy going classes and being a C average student but I did manage to become president of an environmental friendly club Go-Green and soon joined others such as Leadership Academy, Cultures integrated association (CIA), Non-Traditional Career Group, and Entrepreneurship Group. For my Education I have been focusing on Business related subjects such as managing, accounting, economics, personal economics, and mathematic classes. I am very interested in learning how to invest and make profits out of little things as well as financing and accounting.
After high school I plan on going into the work force with...

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