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The Way It Ought To Be

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Throughout this semester from the texts we have covered in class I have learned numerous amounts of things but some of the themes stuck out more than others and actually spoke to me. After analyzing all notes from the books, movies, and excerpts the connection that I made that seemed the most clear to me was between “Black Elk Speaks” and Shane. These two texts for the class showed me people have dreams; their communities could prosper from if the sacrifices are willing to be made. The dreams could be taken away by those with other beliefs those who come together though with true belief and unity will survive.
Beliefs are what drive people towards what they do, what they believe in defines ...view middle of the document...

That tree stump symbolized a welcoming of new friendship and support for Joe and his family, you could see it in Joe’s eyes and his smile that he too was grateful for Shane’s showing up at his homestead.
When you look at belief in the other text I analyzed you see another type of belief in the beginning than you do in the end. The initial belief is spiritual that they see from Gods’ they received views from spirits about going out and becoming a great nation that goes out and multiplies. That only good will come of their nation and their people. Black Elk and the Lakota tribe believed in circles and how they were a symbol of unity and family, everything they saw around them had a reference to circles everything was forever flowing, no stops, ins, or outliers. Their belief was, “That the earth and his people were concentric circles with a sacred tree in the center.” That sacred tree didn’t exist though it was the spiritual belief of the hoops and the beliefs were important for the health of the people. With this they had a dream. The other side of the story the settlers had a different belief of the Indians thought they had the mentality after being around for a bit that they knew that, “alternative dreams and other nations would die in the wake of the American Dream and Nation.” They understood the dog eat dog mentality it took to survive, it became survival of the fittest which was realistically survival of the modernization of battle techniques or weapons.
Community and unity put together to me mean the people that follow and support you or whatever it is that you believe united as one to benefit the cause of the side you are fighting for whether it be the majority or minority. In “Black Elk Speaks”, Black Elk illustrates to the reader how his people had come together as a group to live a plentiful life living of the fruit of the land. This is the same life that Joe was looking for in the movie Shane. Black Elk says what he remembers of life before the ‘Wasichus’ came, “Once we were happy in our own country and we were seldom hungry, for then the two-leggeds and the four-leggeds lived together like relatives, and there was plenty for them and for us.”
The community of the story in Shane is a small minority group of homesteaders who aren’t given a fair chance compared to the ranchers as they should. At the beginning of the movie you can tell there are two sides to this story. When Shane rides up to Joe’s homestead toting a pistol and the Rikers coincidentally following behind him you see the community Joe is standing up for is displayed clearly. With the opponent coming towards Joe thinks Shane is part of the Rikers’ gang and sends him on his way. Once the true Rikers do show up Joe’s faith in what he believes in is displayed after first not being intimidated by them and the help of Shane’s convenient stepping out of the shadows of the cabin. The Rikers go on their way and he tells Shane that the weapon he was displaying to fend off his...

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