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The Way Society Views Tattoos And Body Modifications

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As we walk around in the world, and look at the people that pass us we judge them by the way they look. The way they ware their clothing, hair, and makeup but also what is on our bodies such as: tattoos, and body modifications, which we judged people the hardest on. Tattoos and body modifications should not be used to judge people, because it is a way to express themselves and is ultimately an art-form.
People should not judge others based on the tattoos and body modification that they have all on their bodies. The reason is because tattoos and body modifications do not tell how a person's character nor their work ethic. Just because someone has most of their body covered in tattoos and many piercings that does not mean that they are not a wonderful person and it is not great at their job. On a personal account, I have met many great people covered in wonderful tattoos and are the nicest people in the world. But, I can understand why jobs will look at a person, and understand why they will not hire them for a job based on a body modifications and tattoos that they have. Yes when getting a job, they must look presentable and when working you can cover the tattoos with shirts and makeup. You should still be able to get the job based on how you work , if you are good for that job, not on how you look.
The reason that body modifications and tattoos all are an example of self expression is because it shows the world how a person feels or what they like. When you walk down the street and you see someone with a tattoo of their favor band or their favorite piece of artwork you can understand what a like. Also person might have a phrase or a portrait of a loved one or someone feel inspired to be a better person. The same person may use body modification to make themselves look and feel how they feel on the inside. Because of self expression this is why many people have many piercing, gauging their ears, and having silicone implants in their body to make them look how they feel on the inside. Self expression is a very important thing our life if we did not have it we would be trapped in this normal boring life, being forced to look and act just like everyone else. People used tattoos and body modification and two express who they really are, to show that they are not like everyone else they are their own person not to fit into those diameters that is called the norm.
Therefore because tattooing and body modification it is a self expression, it is also the art form. The reasoning behind like a to tattooing and body modification is a art form is because it is used to express something. They are a lot of art showings and live demonstrations that used tooling and...

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