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How The Bush Is Represented In Australia And America By Les Murray's Poetry And The Film "Of Mice And Men"? This Essay Is About The Representations Of Both Texts In Relation To The Above Question.

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The bush can be defined as a wild, uncleared country area. The poetry of Les Murray and the film "Of Mice and Men" represents and values the bush differently because of the different countries and time periods. Les Murray's poetry is set in the 1950's in Australia, while the film "Of Mice and Men" is set in the 1930's (depression period) in America.Three of Les Murray's poems represent the bush life in Australia. These poems are The Mitchells, The Widower in the Country and Driving through Sawmill Towns. These poems appreciate the quiet activities of the farm and the lonely folk who live out their lives in quiet country towns. These activities are different from the tough and rough bush life in America.The Mitchells, which is written in first person, recognises the calm, unhurried ways of the bushman 'and will, after dinner, raise I think for wires'. Two men who are related by their last name of 'Mitchell' are quietly working on raising poles for wires. The use of 'prune tin' as a kettle shows the bush life through reusing objects rather than involving modern technology. 'One has been rich, but never stopped wearing his oil-stained felt hat' could also show the reusing items, but could also suggest not wasting money on unnecessary items even if money is no problem. The 'Styrofoam box' which is the modern technology is not the same deal as the felt hat or prune tin. The men still talk about farming and the drought, which was and still is the main problem for people in the bush. The poem suggests that bush life is always the same and it is never changing, it is always a 'ritual' and the friendship between the two men has been forever. This poem shows isolation from cities with no mention of homes or buildings. The country scene could be described as 'bees hum their shift in unthinning mists of white bursaria blossom under the noon of wattles'. 'Sometimes the scene is an avenue' an avenue can mean a way or opening for entrance into a place perhaps Les Murray means that the scene described is an entrance or beginning for what some people see when they travel to the bush.The Widower in the Country is also written in first person. It shows the loneliness of the bush, while recognising the daily chores, sights and sounds of the people who live in the bush. The man's wife dying shows the isolation that occurs in the bush and he has no contact with anyone else so he is lonely and isolated. He goes through his daily activities without actually being up because he already knows what he does everyday 'I'll drive my axe in the log and come back with my armful of wood'. 'I'll get up soon and leave my bed unmade' He has no urgency to get up to do his chores and he has given up on the rituals of society. The poem reviews a life lived out in rituals which are now meaningless 'bright webbed visions smeared on the dark of my thoughts'. This poem pictures a man who has lost his wife and is lonely but who has not quite given in to emotion. The man has depression...

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