How The Christian Community Made Me Realize My True Beleifs Through My Catholic Community.

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My "True" BeliefsThe imposition of a new community brought forth my "true" feelings and beliefs. I was born and brought up in the Catholic community. My parents taught me strong morals and put me into all the religious classes held at whatever church we attended at the time. As I grew older I was finally beginning to realize what I truly believed in but it was still not clear. I was still searching for who I was and how I felt about my Religion. In going to Azusa Pacific University and the imposition of this new community my answers quickly came.I was baptized as a baby and made my First Communion in second grade. The "First Communion" represents the ability to start receiving the body and blood of Christ at our masses. Even though I did not need to attend these classes between the years of third grade and high school my parents kept me in them. Freshman year in high school, I started on the three year trip to make my Confirmation, or initiation into the Church. Through these three years I had to attend classes every Sunday and retreats once a year. The retreats were what really affected me the most. Our class would be up in the mountains for 2 to 3 days doing various workshops and prayer sessions. At the end of the retreat we would always make our confession with our Priest who would come up. Confession taught me much about what I could do to fulfill my spirituality. When I made my confession it felt as if my sins were suddenly just eaten out of my body by some unknown force. Something about confessing yours sins and asking questions to the Priest made me feel so much better. In my final year of conformation I finally "got the guts" to make my confession face to face with my Priest, Father Mark. Making my confession face to face with Father Mark was something more inspiring to me then learning something I have always wanted to learn. His eyes gazing into mine made me feel like Jesus himself was using my Priests eyes and mouth to console me and answer the questions I needed to know.My Church was named Holy Innocents, after the endless number of abortions committed worldwide. Even as this was the name of our Church I had disagreements with what they believed. Catholics in general believe that abortion is wrong and is a sin. I believe it is a sin but I also believe that if it is best for the mother as well as the child most importantly, an abortion may be good in a sense. If you know that the life of this child is going to be miserable, you're not going to be able to support the child, or something that would make this child's upbringing not be good, then I firmly believe it is right that that child does not experience any of these hardships.Another view that the general Catholic has is that if you don't pray, and you don't attend church every Sunday, then you are a bad Catholic. I view it as if you truly believe in the Catholic faith and what it stands for then you don't need to prove yourself. Yes I believe praying is important, but if you miss a...

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