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How The Christian Faith Contends With Genetic Engineering

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How the Christian Faith Contends with Genetic Engineering

Religion-what does that mean to me? Do I believe in my religion, what has religion done for me lately? I would have to say religion has brought me hope for a better life and knowing that I can bring a better life to my family. I believe in God, I believe that god created humans and created the earth the water the moon and stars, and all creatures that exist on earth. What have I given back to religion? Generation after generation the emphasis on worshipping God in church has been on the decline in my family. My faith has not declined I just believe that God is everywhere and I feel that I can worship Him anywhere and at anytime. Does my faith in Him come into question when I look into the advancement of technology in science? Science of genetic engineering can sometimes heal and cure the ill. Genetic engineering can reproduce foods and recreate species of any kind. Makes me wonder if my faith can handle the concept that mankind can alter what God has created, and whether or not I want to be apart of a world that is not original but fake. I will contend with these two subjects and try to find if I want to belong to a society that is engineering a new world.
Genetic engineering of any organisms, is it possible? The scientists have genetically engineered some of the following:
· The superpig engineered with human growth hormone gene …
· The supersalmon engineered with grow-faster genes from another fish…
· Clones of Dolly the Sheep 'the big success story'…
· A soybean with a Brazil nut gene…
It is possible to clone or reproduce organism, but what about the sick or the people dying from deceases can genetic engineering help those in need. If so, what price tag do you put on a medicine that can save lives? Who will control the special tool for sustain life? Will it be the wealthiest society or can it be available for the normal human being? When we heal the sick what is it we are risking in return? Keith Parkins states:
Genetic engineering may lead to a worsening in the rise of decease. In transferring a gene from one species to another we may also be transferring disease vulnerability, antibiotic resistance, cancer and a host of problems we may not yet be aware of. Three decades ago Legionnaire's disease was unknown, two decades ago AIDS was unknown, one decade ago Mad Cow disease was unknown.

So I am left to wonder where do the new diseases and cures for the diseases come to a rest? Will new and more violent diseases appear after we find cures and treatments for the disease we have now. What does my religious background think about genetic engineering?
God is the creator of man, which was what I was taught and what I believe. Why do scientists want to re-create and prolong life? ...

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